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Chinese New Year 2013 : Food Heaven!

Yep, I'm just gonna spam this blogpost with pictures of yummy food I had while in Melaka :-D Going back hometown you can never say no to food lol and boy my family can really eat!

The new happy couple in the family!

Day 2's lunch before heading out for visiting, and nothing beats homemade Nasi Lemak with awesome rendang and sambal ♥
2nd Day of CNY #ootd
I actually thought of going more casual and modern this year but with our weather to wear something like a blazer is insane @_@ and I guess classics always looks the best? Or maybe the last minute lazy packing is the reason why I brought so little clothes to wear lol I couldn't even wear a wig (hate my hair for so many reasons =_=;;) because the heat is enough to boil your head once it's exposed to the sun, welcome to Melaka!

Batik Cheongsam : 2nd hand (bought online 2 years ago)
Clutch : Staccato
Heels : Charles & Keith

My animal lover (& future veterinarian) cousin from Singapore! Believe it or not, she towers over me even though I'm wearing high heels :-P I'm that SHORT *emo*

Most of my cousins tower over me, it's like minimal height in the family is 170cm ;_; Why am i so short?? oTL So not fair *sobs*

Whole day of visiting relatives all over Melaka, I'm surprised that everyone still has room for early dinner despite the visit while snacking process earlier lol
When i said early, it was like a 6pm reservation in a Chinese Restaurant in town, BEI ZHAN (just before Mahkota Parade) Guess our stomachs can be considered black holes haha!

This place never fails to be crowded every CNY, not sure why (o_O) to me the food was okay I guess? tasted like every normal Chinese dish and I couldn't eat much because majority was seafood oTL Me and my older sis is allergic to seafood D: Tragic enough for both of us at least there was fish lol

First Yee Sang of the year!!! HUAT ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR! :D

I've read many blogger friends had like 15 servings of yee sang before even CNY day itself, guess the must be sick of this dish by now XD This yee sang was surprisingly sweet >.< I'm not sure whether it's the honey's fault or some unidentified sauce, I'm not really familiar with this dish because I'm not a fan of Chinese food and I rarely eat them because most of their dishes contains prawns (dried or fresh) >.<

Buttered prawn rolls that looks amazingly yummy, well aside from the cocoon like presentation haha.

4 years ago before I developed allergy towards seafood, this would have been my favorite dish- 
Crab meat soup. This spells heaven with every scoop in your mouth ♥ How I miss seafood :'(

Lol something I would always avoid. Pork. Not a fan and will never be >.< I can still see his tail sticking out trololol~

First time seeing abalone! :D *Excited* Wanted to try it but it's part of a seafood family so i ain't gonna risk getting my tummy upset and later end up puking D: See how torturous it is for me to eat in a Chinese Restaurant? ;_: 
So guys, f you wanna bring me out on a date you know where NOT to bring me to :-P
The last time i ate crab in Langkawi during LIMA'11 it gave me very bad allergy reaction, ended up puking the whole night away. Ugh. Bad memories :-/

Finally a dish I could eat :D Steam fish *shiawase max*


This last vegetable dish was waaaay too salty for all of us :-/ and because it was a 8 dish course set they usually serve it without rice. I find this kinda odd because how are you suppose to feel full by just eating all the "lauk"? And if they had served some rice with this heavily gravied vegetable dish i think it would have gone quite well together.
P/S : Well, it's just my 2 cents, not like it matters lol

Overall the food and service here was quite decent (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡
When you are in Melaka and looking for a good place for family dinners or celebrations you can try out BEI ZHAN
Just make sure to call them up for reservations to avoid disappointments ;-) *winks*

Phone : 06-281 2684
Email : bei_zhan@yahoo.com

Location :
No.43.Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/17,Taman Kota Laksamana,Seksyen 2, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

Operating hours : Monday - Sunday: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm (lunch), 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm (dinner)



  1. looks pretty with the cheongsam! but gosh u are so thin like a stick!

    1. Thanks! haha no la :P optical illusion :-P

  2. Wow. Didn't know you are from Melacca too! <3

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