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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Shu Uemura Princess Party

As a little girl I've always dreamed of attending a princess themed party like the ones you see in TV shows or cartoons but unfortunately kids in Malaysia are usually restricted from attending parties/ going out until a certain age it's usually past 12 years old =_= and that is the minimal age. By the time we reached that age most of us girls would already have gone passed the "princess" phrase lol but deep down in everyone of of us (more like our inner child lol) would love to be a princess for a day with a tiara on her head :-)

When I received the invitation for Tammy's Princess theme party organized by Shu Uemura in conjunction of their latest released OB Collection and Tammy's birthday my inner child instantly took over my entire mind and body lol I'm able to finally attend my very first princesses theme party! :-D Yay! Thank you for the invitation Tammy!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

There was 4 types of princess to choose from out of the OB collection and they were based on nature's elements - Sakura, Moon, Sea and Forest. I couldn't decide between forest and moon, knowing how fickle minded I am  ╮(─▽─)╭ ohoho~

*picture credits to plusizekitten.com*

Spent days thinking of what to wear since my wardrobe is in such a monochromatic state :-P In the end Tammy halau me from choosing forest haha because she already took forest LOL XD So ended up with Moon and so "ngam" I have a sailormoon wig with me :-D and I threw only my H&M glittery sequined tutu dress that I've gotten as a Christmas gift from my dear cousin, Elizabeth ♥
Since the sequins resembled pretty much like millions of stars cramped closely together (well to me at least lol)

To satisfy our sweet tooth early during breakfast, pastel colored macaroons ♥

Our host and star guest of the day : Famous blogger Tammy Lim from plusizekitten.com ♥
Her skin damn awesome even without make up! How i wish i could walk out of the house bare faced like her, smooth and flawless skin all the way *jelly max* 

Introduction of the activities Shu Uemura had lined up for us princesses that day, a fun filled day of make up demo, bag painting, make up competition and best dressed.

Excited Tammy with her impromptu opening speech :-D

Full OB collection with packaging just too adorable to resists (◕‿◕✿) Now available at all Shu Uemura outlets, don't forget to check them out today!

gems on lashes OAO *gasp*

The UV under base mousse casing makes me so tempted to purchase it on the spot >.<

Started with a make up demonstration for Spring's sweet look by Shu Uemura official Make up guru. So happened to bump into her again later that night at STYLO's Voodoo Ball Gala Night because Shu Uemura was the official make up sponsor for STYLO. Small world indeed lol.

Bumped into fellow cosplayer and also a fashion design student from PJCAD, Elyon

From far left : Alicia (Sea princess), Chibineko (Sakura princess), Tammy (Forest princess) and me (literally sailormoon haha!)

4 of us princesses posing with our respective character cleansing oil bottles *syok sendiri moment* Cheebs was totally in character the whole day and so rajin even made props to go with her whole look, dressed so according to her element, sakura flowers. So much win XD You go cheebs! This shows how dedicated she is towards dressing up :-D Too bad Tammy's green wig couldn't arrive on time :-(

Really enjoyed the canvas bag painting session :-) Randomly splattering acrylic paint all over ehehe~
Credits to Isabel for helping me take this picture :-) Thanks babe!

Ze finished masterpiece bag that I got to bring home >w< 

Birthday girl with her birthday cake :-)

Haha, the moment where Tammy is finally willing to take loads of pictures right after she has got her make up done by Shu Uemura's make up artist using the OB collection

Group photo credits to Senri fromwww.journeyofthelittlebiscuit.blogspot.com

Our awesome door gift from Shu Uemura! Gosh! ∑(;°Д°)
It's the Limited edition 24k Gold Eyelash curler! Such a generous gift, thank you so much Shu Uemura!!! My first ever Shu Uemura product :-)

So sorry for rushing off Tammy :-( I really wish i could have stayed longer and enjoy the event instead of constantly panicking about the time, I feel really really bad >.< At times like these how i wished I had a car! :-(

Nonetheless i really enjoyed myself that morning despite it being a busy and hectic day :-) Once again, a HUMONGOUS thank you to Tammy and Shu Uemura for organizing this wonderful little party!



  1. oh.. Lisa I enjoyed reading your post so much..!!! mainly bcoz i was kinda nervous and panicky that day. It's so much fun reading from you guys what u did, what u see....

    really wish my green wig arrive on time! until now it's still not here.. i hate u t-mart! shipping 1 day konon!!! delivery takes up to 15days !!!

    thanks so much to shu uemura for the birthday party n surprise.. <3 I regretted not buying the entire spring cleansing oil collection.. usually spring is the cleansing oil focus.. oh... oh...

    u look so cute as sailormoon (my heroin in school days) and chibi is so sakura-ish..holding sakura flowers too.. i need to thank her for her effort n cheng her makan.. if there were more prizes she would have gotten a prize too

    1. Glad you do dear!! :-) Though this is just a short one wish i could have wrote longer :-P But it might end up being a lengthy boring post haha!

      Buying online it's bound to happen >.< all these hidden terms & conditions..etc. Walaowei!! you really considering buying the whole collection ka? OAO pokaiii lo~~
      Sankyuuuu! *blush* I bet every small girl watched sailormoon BM version on NTV7 when they were young XD trolololol~ I wonder who won the best dressed? o.O
      Thought chibi would have won with all her effort XD

    2. Alicia won cuz her costume is most accurate to the OB princess illustration :D

  2. Lol Nola, I'm the lazy one XD buy a few stuff put everything together. Alicia also damn awesome for sewing her own costume :P

  3. wow so nice! I wish to be a princess one day too awww

    1. Follow plusizekitten.com! You'll never know she might organize future similar events :-)

  4. yummy macaroons! :) I love your wig Arisa :) I wish I have one at home huhu!

    1. Thanks illy! :-) If you are interested to order wigs just drop me an email!
      arisa1443@gmail.com ;)

  5. Cool event and i love your dress by the way ;) And it's so generous of Shu Uemura to give the 24k gold eyelash curler as the door gift :O

    1. Thank dear! :) I know, I was also speechless when Tammy linked us to the website for it O.O lol


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