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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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AquaSwim Review

Summer is here and I bet all of us girls can't wait to flaunt our brand new bikinis and cool off this insane heat by the pool :D Been waiting for the right time to launch this blogpost, ohoho~
I know because I'm one of them, heck with all the worry about not having super toned body to wear a bikini out.
Lack of confidence?  Watch this :
My latest role model Hunger Games actress, Jennifer Lawrence 

I'm pretty aware about the ridiculous standard society has set for "skinny". Even Victoria Secret models are no longer showing their glorious curves except protruding bones :-/
What has the world come to these days? 
One thing's for sure, "You will never look like the girl in the magazine"- Girl Code

Lol looks like i went out off topic again (as usual) :-P 
How often do you ladies take a dive in the local pool to cool off? In my case about 2-3 times a week to for cardio if i get bored of running on the treadmill.
It's a really good way to burn off those excess calories, 1 hour of swim burns about 500 calories which is more than you running 3 km on a treadmill for (you only burn 200-300 calories).

Another reason why I love the swimming is because over here in Malaysia the weather is always summer =_= seriously. Damn hot and humid at times, cool and cloudy days are such a rare sight oTL Because of that, the visits to my condominium pool has became more frequent over the past few weeks and not to mentioned what the chlorine and the sun (harmful UV rays) has done to my beloved hair *NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*

Dry and dead.

Worst part is my hair is already dry to start with and soaking it in chlorine frequently makes the condition even worse :-/
I'm not one of those who are blessed with long straight fine silky hair (and yet these people still go do rebonding..etc.. wtf) my hair strands are pretty thick and stubborn to the point i don't bother to even comb my hair anymore lol

Imagine dead grass being more dead. Enough said.

Well, thank God for Aqua Swim hair and body care for swimmers!

Not really a new brand in the market previously they had AquaSwim Anti Chlorine shampoo but this time they are back with conditioner and body wash too.
Comes in a cute transparent bag,  convenient enough to pack in your bag whenever you are heading to the beach or poolside.

What makes this product any special compared to other ordinary shampoos out there?
It contains an anti-chlorine properties that is proven to effectively neutralize chlorine and it tested using a standard chlorine test kit that indicated the presence of chlorine when the solution turns pink (woah, by just typing this i feel like a chemistry student again lolwut).

Comes in 2 different sizes: 250ml (RM25.15) and 100ml (RM14.15)
available in Guardian, Caring and all leading independent pharmacies in Malaysia ;-)

Looking for a new affordable yet fashionable bikini to flaunt off your curves? Check out Pink N' Proper's latest summer bikini collection featuring me as their official model! Thank you so much Pink N' Proper for this wonderful opportunity :-) High quality imported bikinis below RM100 (comes with underwire and thick padding too)

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Pink N' Proper Lyra Aztec Print Monokini


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