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Must Watch Movie List 2013

Yep, I'm a movie junkie and I don't think I'll be able to get enough about it :-P
Even If I'm dead I do hope they have a movie theater in heaven or hell lol wtf, crapping useless stuff as usual.
The end of 2013 is something to look forward to because there are tons of new movies that I've been dying to watch since i saw the trailers last year! Can't express how excited I am, you can actually imagine me jumping up and down squealing like a girl who has just gotten her dream barbie (why barbie? God knows)  
I haven't even mentioned about 2014 YET. But I'll hush about it for now :-P

Okay, enough of my crapping, gonna list out the movies below on my priority list and I'm pretty sure you guys are waiting for it too.

Thor 2
Die..die  I MUST WATCH THIS!!!!! Marvel fan ftw :-P
I will never say no to a Marvel movie because I grew up reading these kind of comics and watching the cartoons every saturday (without fail) and not to mention Loki! Tom Hiddleston why you so bishie? *A*
They should considering renaming the movie title to "Loki" instead of "Thor" lol cuz there seems to be more Loki fans than Thor (sorry buddy, pretty boy here is more famous now :-P)

Katiness, her character in the novel is so inspiring. Don't we all wish to have that determination as well,*sigh* I'm lost in the fantasy world again :-P 
Then again, most of the time i watch movies is because I'm attracted to the costume designs, like Burlesque.

Love the character designs in this animation :-D I'm a sucker for pretty costumes, especially ELSA the snow queen *A*
 If i had the financial stability and storage place, i would sew all my favourite costumes just as a collection XD I rather see them on people than myself. Seriously.

Same actress in "The Vow", she always makes a good awkward girl on screen whenever a guy approaches her lol. That facial expression is sooooooooo classic XD
I personally like movies like these..sappy, romance..etc but heck, i think it's a great movie on a cold night cuddling with somebody (guy or girl, that doesn't matter) while sipping hot chocolate.

This is gonna be funny, can't wait to laugh my ass off.

Cloudy and a chance of Meatballs 2

How about you guys? Any other good movies to recommend? :-D
Maybe i missed out more interesting one, so do let me know if i did!


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