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Bask in Sunlight with SuhadaFit!

Kiss Me has joined the summer bandwagon with their latest release, a new range of sunblock: SuhadaFit UV Protection by ISEHAN! A reputable Japanese brand that has been in the market since 1825 ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ 
Just because summer is almost over in other countries doesn't mean we have to follow them :-P 
This is Malaysia babehhhh! The sun shines all year round, it sucks that we don't enjoy the beauty of 4 changing seasons but on the bright side (literally) we get to enjoy the beaches anytime we want.

Even though it has been super hazy recently and the sun is nowhere to be seen, doesn't mean that it is safe to go out without any protection such as sunblock or an umbrella. I know the only time a person uses sunblock when he/she goes swimming or to the beach lol other than that the sunblock is chucked aside and forgotten till the next poolside/seaside outing (my mom does that XD)

This is one of those good habits that we have to practice on our own since no one can reminds us to apply it everyday no? And i don't think you would want having someone to constantly remind you to apply your sunblock before going out, it's like those kids with mothers having to remind them to drink water every time she sees her kids. Don't you find that naggy and annoying? 
I Do. Lol.
Even though their intentions are good but save our eyes the rolling (constantly rolling, might get your eyes stuck up there one day <-- Calvin & Hobbes logic ♥) and your mother's poor throat from repeating like a broken record shall we? :D

Pardon my cincai make up :-P Was rushing for an appointment.

Before applying make up, it's a must for me to apply a layer of sunblock over my moisturizer before the foundation. I know, sounds rather tedious having so many layers of product on your face but trust me on  SuhadaFit's sunblock. The texture is light and non sticky that absorption isn't a problem leaving your skin feeling like you haven't even applied anything at all.

It's SPF 50+ which protects your skin from all the harmful UV rays and this smells soooooo gooood (>w<) 

Thin but maximum coverage. Love how modern science has made all these things more convenient for us compared to last time when there were limited resources. I clearly remember the days when i followed my family to Port Dickson and had to lather thick sticky sunblock all over my body, worse part is it doesn't even absorbs properly :-/ Leaving our skin with a layer of white stuff, so we look like some "ghost" -___-;; 

There are also other types of sunblock with lesser dosage of SPF (30 & 38) which is suitable for daily usage. Higher SPF (50) provides more protection when you are conduction outdoor activities, so it's suitable if you are planning to swim or have sunbath. 

You can head to your nearest Guardian pharmacies to purchase this sunblock range today :-D
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  1. True!! Hahaha... when I was a kid, mum always pat on those sunblock, makes us looks like ghost! Won't absorb and too white!!!! Hahahaha, but that's old times adi la. Now we got lightweighted sunblock, cool! ^^ our generation rocks!

  2. i like the smell of kiss me sunblock too~~~

    1. First time a sunblock doesnt smell like sunblock :P


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