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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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HGC Review: 2nd-3rd Month (July & August)

Heya peeps! I know this blogpost was meant for last month but was on a 1 month+ break due to my finals, well better late than never.

Continuation on my HGC journey, you can read my first blogpost here:

So far I'm gonna share about my latest updates on my current skin condition, which i can proudly say is improving tremendously well!
I've never been a fan of all these beauty supplements because  I am a sole believer of au naturel nonsense which is an excuse for just being lazy lol.

Never thought i would see such huge difference compared to 3 months ago when i first started consuming HGC every night before i sleep. 

Lo, my naked scary face 3 months ago.

My haggard, dull skin condition has nothing to do with my eating okay, just the stress and fatigue is shown all over my face quite easily.
But the stress didn't get any lighter nearing towards my finals, barely slept, running around, worried and so forth. But one thing didn't change was my daily consumption of HGC :-)
I admit, i first had my doubts about this kind of products because i always thought this is just another marketing gimmick that doesn't really work.

But Vgen is one the first ever beauty supplements that has ever  

This is a most recent photo of me with Koe Yeet at the WindChime in The Bakery Finale last week.

I only had one layer of powder and drew my eyebrows. No Foundation or whatsoever! I can hardly believe this because my entire life of wearing make up before heading out, rule no.1 is before my setting powder there MUST always be a layer of foundation/ bb cream to even out my uneven skin tone.
I've been following this regime ever since i first started using makeup when i was 12 (super young lol) all thanks to cosplay.

Guess putting on frequent makeup isn't too good for your skin too because it causes your skin to age more quickly especially if your daily makeup is more than an inch thick :-P
When it comes to cosplay or photo shoots i can't remember how many layers of powder must i press on to achieve that canvas face, so i do not need to photoshop my pictures XD 
Now i don't need to do so anymore :-D

First of all this was indeed one of the biggest risk I have ever took ever since i started blogging, when it comes to reviewing consumable products I am very particular (duh! It's my health and i have every rights to be).
Thank you Josephine for taking the time to arrange a meeting session with Vgen and if this didn't happen I wouldn't have known about HGC! It was indeed a very informative 1 hour session that change my life ♥ 
I know you dear readers would ask since this 3 months review project is over will i continue to purchase and consume HGC?
My answer would be YES, I would. Something worth investing in compared to paying for all those high end skincare products that i can't afford. Even if i could i wouldn't have the time to apply them every night lol
Thank you so much HGC for improving my skin condition!

HGC is available in most independent pharmacies around Klang Valley or you can directly purchase it from their e-shop : http://on.fb.me/WPaxjw

Feel free to visit their official website to learn more about HGC :

Facebook :

Disclaimer: Though this products are sponsored for review purposes, but that doesn't affect my honest opinion.


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