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Things People Do Not See : 03

After a long delay finally i got my lazy fingers to type this out all thanks to this video for inspiring me XD

Watch this. A MUST.

I mean, tell me which sane girl would tell you "I LOVE PERIOD"
Shoot her or send her to the mental institution because she is crazy. Period (full stop not blood = =)
Here is a simple diagram on understanding this super complicated cycle, actually it's not that complicated just we women like to exaggerate sometimes. Makes it more interesting lol wtf.

Women on their periods lol, watch this and you would understand every single shit on why i loathe this cycle very much. This is one of the reason why I was glad that my menstrual cycle M.I.A-ed * for a whole year. Yes, 12 months and I'm not ashamed to talk about it here on my blog lol so if you are grossed out about this topic my advice is to close this tab k? :D 
Save you the nightmares.

When you are this skinny, your dreams of ever having a kid can be tossed out of the window.

Why my period was missing for a year?
Simple, my obsession of being thin causes it to fuck my body up really badly. In fact when it first disappeared i assumed it was stress but after a couple of months it still hasn't return.
Instead of being worried, i REJOICED. Crazy, I know.

In fact i still loathe it so much right up till today because it has caused me nothing but so much suffering since i was 12 after 10 years i still can't get used to it wtf. щ(ಠ益ಠщ) 

Great news, after giving me a break for 1 year, it decided to come back (because i gained weight, bugger) but crossing my fingers that the cramps won't be as bad as it was before :-/
I swear that the cramps i go through monthly is killing me by making me so tired, bloated, vomiting and even been bed ridden for at least 1 day =_=
Lucky men, now you understand why i grew up kicking boys in the nuts? Blame the hormones *troll face* 

Bleed your ovaries out ladies.

First reason why we women put up with this bloody waterfall every month is because it's suppose to be "normal" as part of our reproductive system.
When you see a picture of a cute baby, you go "awwwwwwwwww! I want my kid to look like that too!"

But back to reality ladies, popping out kids wishing they would look like those diaper commercial kids ain't gonna happen.
First you need to endure the PAIN (yes pain) of womanhood, which requires you to bleed every month and it's compulsory. So quit whining about your periods and wanting a cute baby at the same time, ain't gonna happen. 

Lol, this picture is just an example. Don't expect us to look pretty especially on our first day of period.
We bite when our hormones go crazy, so make sure to be extra nice when your girl tells you she is cramping. If she tells you to do something, don't question her and just do it if you want to live.

Secondly, carrying a baby inside of you for 9 months ∑(O_O;)
Walking, sleeping, eating is seriously a bitch. Lol, indeed some of you mothers would tell me "What do you know about Pregnancy?"

I don't deny that because I have yet to experience this myself (which i will not) I'm just sharing stories i've heard from friends whom gave birth :-P
And it seriously ain't pleasant, which makes me even more scared than i already am lol. I salute you ladies who actually mentally prepare yourself for this journey and i doubt i'll ever be ready for this even when I'm 30 lol wtf. 

Yes this is how you are gonna look when you are in labor, ain't pretty. And do your husbands a a favour by breaking his fingers so at least he gets to feel at least 1/4 of your pain lol wtf.

That's all i want to say about period. 
They suck. 
The end.

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  1. Hahaha!! I LOL-ed at the part where you said "break your husband's fingers" XDD

  2. Hahaha!! I LOL-ed at the part where you said "break your husband's fingers" XDD

    1. btw, sorry if my comment appeared twice. :/ Im not sure what is wrong with my internet..

  3. i realised why i didn't see ur blog updates. ur blog feed dun work in my blog list, so i didn't know when you have update. gonna watch this video later. =p

    1. hahah i also dunno how this blogger works @@ you will sure die laughing one XD


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