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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Experience to Lost World Of Tambun (In Style too!) - Part 1

Yes I better get this awesome trip out of my mind before it evaporates lol. This is definitely a getaway i needed from the stressful city life, so worth the 2 day- i night trip to the Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh :-)
To be honest, I've been having sleeping problems for the past few weeks (insomnia) and I've tried every method from counting sheep, exercising to drinking warm milk but none of them seem to work.

Barely slept a wink the night before the train ride to Ipoh partially maybe because I was over excited and my insomnia problem , thought i could catch up on my sleep on the  comfy ETS train. My very first experience on the ETS train was 2 years ago on a spontaneous trip to find inspiration for my shoe designs (lead to mom exploding for randomly disappearing >.<) and boy...my image of these old hot rickety railroad trains was so WRONG! I blame my wild imagination and old those wild old wild west movies where trains were still engineered using steam XD AHAHAH! 

I know,you would be thinking "WTF, Arisa so ketinggalan zaman one!"  

Well, this photo must be over 30 years ago? Now KTM's new look and improved system makes you feel like we are finally catching up to all the first world's countries public transport such as New York, Japan..etc. Where their people solely depend on their public transport to commute daily, and they have a proper fixed schedule so you won't have a problem with tardiness (unlike our buses here -_-)

Early morning all of us butterflies gathered at KL Sentral to Board the ETS train and was greeted by the awesome man who agreed to collaborate with The Butterfly Project. We do hope to be working closely with KTM Malaysia for our future projects.

Imagine paying for Gold Class RM35 ticket to Ipoh, with all this luxury of a canteen, comfortable seats, well air conditioned coaches and toilets. Totally worth every penny spent.
No hassle of driving through the jam hot highway, no tolls, less stress (since you can sleep), if only public transports around Malaysia were this upgraded as KTM's ETS, I think most of us would ditch our cars for a much more environment friendly and stress free traveling option. 

"Dear PM, please do upgrade our public transport services a.s.a.p lol."

Great news for all who are looking forward to plan your December Holidays with KTM because they have something special ongoing from October onwards. Stay tuned on their official website for more details.
Moreover no more lining up for hours just to get your tickets, they are available for purchase online too: https://intranet.ktmb.com.my/e-ticket/login.aspx

KTMB ETS Train - http://www.ktmb.com.my/

They have a mini "canteen" where they provide heating up services for your food. But if you are too lazy to move from your seats, don't worry :D the nice ladies from the Cabin crew department will be walking around with their trolleys where you can purchase from them and eat from your seat since foldable tables are provided at each seats. 

I have to admit though my 2 hour train ride to Ipoh wasn't pleasant because imagine being sleep deprive for weeks and about 28 over excited female bloggers squealing and screaming all the way. Scary.
For someone my age, i do tend to enjoy peace and quiet more like an old lady :-P

Nonetheless, traveling via public transport is one of the convenient things we have in Malaysia despite the lack of access to  certain states, like there is no train to Melaka :-( Only buses.
I do personally like the train more than buses because they are comfortable and less bumpy during the journey. As much as i love traveling since I was a kid I do get prone so certain motion sickness such as car, boat..etc but it won't trigger unless the trip ride was really HORRIBLE. Lol, blame my weak stomach.

If KTM do consider expanding to more states around Malaysia, I guarantee i would be one of the first to hop on the train for a random getaway *hints and puppy eyes*

*act cool, konon!* lol

Didn't actually pack for this trip (as usual, I'm a horrible procrastinator), at 3am I am still up with an empty backpack because can't think of what to pack, at that hour I'm so blur (just not sleepy) but one thing for sure is I never leave home without my sunglasses :-D
For our weather to go out without sunglasses during the day is like asking yourself to be blinded by our hot glaring sun >.< 
Yes, our sun can be somewhat insanely glary during afternoons which makes it hard for most of us to see without squinting our eyes to hard.

This is my first time bringing my dear Paris Hilton Sunglasses on a holiday, haha hence the title for this blogpost- "Travel in Style".
With my current hairstyle I'm definitely having trouble matching my old clothes and accessories with it (*≧m≦*)

More excuse to go shopping now, but forever pokaii *sobs*
As much of a drama queen Paris Hilton is but nonetheless i have to give her credits for her sense in fashion and style. Very classy yet sophisticated (sometimes too barbie-like though lol).
Not only that is suitable for blondies like her even girls with edgy style like me can pull it off effortlessly ♥~(‘▽^人)

Quality can't be compared to your average RM15 sunnies from Sg.Wang (no kidding), all my life I've been stinging on stuffs like these because as a student I can't afford to live such a lavish lifestyle (sorry too poor liao lol) and usually make do with whatever I have.

But since given this opportunity to try out my very first authentic branded sunglasses I now know why people would pay for it. Not only it's because of the brand/design but the protection it provides for your eyes which you can't get from those stylish cheap sunnies.
So quality comes with a price ;-)

But why worry about paying a bomb when you can get them at awesome discounted price in Malaya Optical?

Malaya Optical (Flagship Store)
71, SS21/37 Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Official website: www.malayaoptical.com
Facebook Profile: www.facebook.com / malayaoptical

Thank you OnlyBeauty for having me part of this campaign, never ending platform of opportunities for all the beauty enthusiast out there :-) 

Okay back to my train ride experience with ETS, before we started off with our 2 hour train journey, Mama-san - Tammy and her SWAT team surprised us girls with our very own customized survival beauty kit. This was totally good news for me because I didn't even bring my own face wash (forgetful) nor sun block <---of all things one of the most important items, I forgot *slaps self* 
Since I couldn't sleep, I've decided to unpack my beauty kit. I myself couldn't contain my excitement lol. 


Look at the next picture below, wouldn't you girls scream as well? :D 

Covered from Head to toe! Can never thank our supportive beauty sponsors who have faith in The Butterfly Project Community.

Photo credits to Jean's awesome camera, so wanna get the same model liao XD Can camwhore to the max. Ohohoho~
Special baked Rilakkuma cookies made by Tammy's sister. I tak sampai hati to even eat them because they are just too adorable lols.

Lookie who is here to escort us butterflies at the Ipoh ETS Station? Syawal & Firdaus who were our "tour guides" during our bus ride to Tambun.

Photo credits to Jean.
By late morning we arrived in Tambun and was warmly greeted by the their Marketing Director, Angeline & her team of sidekicks whom later escorted us around the amazing Kepuras Cave where we had our yummy lunch and briefing before our little tour around The Lost World Of Tambun started!

Group pics (a Must as usual :-P) by our official photographer, I Am Studio

Never felt so close to nature, this is a pure limestone cave was transformed into a comfortable hall where they host events/ functions and even wedding banquets!  Call up LWOT to book this place for your wedding banquet or company getaway. Total privacy, cozy ambiance and great food.

Away from the scorching hot sun, trams tours are available in LWOT. Very efficient way to tour the entire place without having to walk under the hot sun.

The needle of Tambun. Hard to not miss it lol.

They have a few mini parks all over the huge theme park such as bird park where you can feed the birds and hold them. I got to hold a peacock! *Kyaaaaa* but boy..that bird is sure heavy (@_@) my arm nearly patah. There is also reptilian park, petting zoo..etc, a great place to bring kids on school holidays. Ipoh isn't too far, there are activities for both adults and children to enjoy~  So if parents if you are considering a place to go during the school holidays, not so expensive yet relaxing do try out The Lost World Of Tambun :-)

Albino hedgehog(*´▽`*)

Part of the Water theme park, it's pretty much like Sunway Lagoon but you get to experience the longest theme park river in LWOT.

At times like these, I'm very grateful for our advanced phone functions especially on Samsung, i do not need to carry around a bulky camera and i can capture every moment without missing it. Thank you S4 for being an awesome life companion :-)

This photos were taken using Samsung Galaxy S4, Animated photo function.

Isn't this racoon just so cuteeeeeeeeeee? Reminds me so much of Pocahontas lol

Photo credits to The Butterfly Project. 
Our last stop of the tour was the Dulang Cafe, right across from Tin Valley. We were all nearly parched from the insane hot weather and walking but at least before we adjourn to the group activities (i had to skip because i was sick) we had to fuel ourselves up in "Old Town Ipoh Style".

Looks  mouth watering no? :-D 
A must visit place after a tiring day of trekking through LWOT, half boiled eggs and bread grilled in old fashioned style sandwich in rich kaya together with Ipoh's trademark white coffee.(¯﹃¯)

That's all for today dearies, will share my super comfortable hotel experience and Hot spring spa in my next blogpost.

Cheerios ladies!

Halloween is around the corner and LWOT will be opening another special park for this spooky occasion. Follow them on facebook for the first hand updates!

Official Website - http://www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/



  1. awesome place arr. i never been there

    1. You should visit it one day :) Great experience

  2. i still havent been there! =( btw that little thing very cute laaaa! i dunno what it is call as =S

    1. Haha, come down to Ipoh soon :D How are things in Penang?
      It's called a raccoon XDDD

  3. Thanks memang best sebenarnya keluar ngan korang ker Lost World Of Tambun Mah@mahu rasa seronok sgt... moga dpt jmpa kat event akan dtg lagi ok...

  4. Awesome experience,Arisa =)


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