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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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EPIC FAILURE Baking Chapter

My failed attempts to bake lol. I followed the recipe really closely..just can't tell what went wrong D:
Whenever i am motivated to bake/cook, my fridge is baren lol wtf and when i get the ingredients the nxt day that motivation i had is already gone.
I'm sure it happens to you guys sometimes too right? haha. Admit it.

I really do miss banana bread so badly and the only ones we can get is usually the factory made ones that are sold in supermarkets. Those taste super buttery, oily and disgusting.
Seriously..haven't came across a single bakery that sells fresh banana bread >.>

Malaysians hate banana is it? As i was googling for healthy low fat banana bread recipes online, I came across a survey stating caucasians consumed the most bananas in their food intake.
And imagine us Malaysians living here in a country where bananas grow right at the back of our backyards but no one seems to be interested in this fruit :-/

Yea..it makes you poop because it filled with fibre and it is one of the high calorie fruits recorded (1 medium Dole Banana= 100+ cal) and imagine the insane amount me and my siblings use to consume lol. My mom brings home a fresh bunch of bananas in the morning there are at least 15 pieces by evening the whole bunch is gone. Devoured by 5 of us in the family (exclude my parents & pets)

Turned out really really bad...lol. Can anyone teach me? XD
This was the first batch because my oven is small and not usually used for baking all these kind of stuff, the top got burnt and bottom was soggy (gross).

The mini ones at least looks decent (?) i guess HAHA! But i didn't use butter on the paper cups and it ended up sticking to the bread/fail

When i was back at my parents home i was kinda adventurous to try out this "Flourless Fudge Cookie Recipe".

Doesn't look pretty, i know.

My younger sis made it once for me as a graduation gift (posted on instagram, follow me @Arisa_Chow). Based on the recipe it seems damn easy, my attempt to make it less sweet failed miserably, tried to replaced the sugar with honey and added in abit too much expresso beans. I sort just stir and dumped everything into the oven at that point i really didn't care how it even looks like  :-P

The end product turned out....


....... errrrr 


Looks like poop baking LOL. Sorry for being disgusting.

Burnt to crisp and not really edible because i used the wrong baking sheet (;¬_¬)
Instead of using the "Real" baking sheet i mistook the tracing paper for it, hence all the cookies got stuck lolol. #epicfail

So baking cookies and bread isn't my niche, moving on to pastries such as tarts, was actually suppose to post this up long time ago during my Zespri 14 Days Kiwi Challenge >.<
But unfortunately i made this one day before the closing date of the challenge, so no point posting already nonetheless just want to share my EPIC FAILURE Baking chapter.
SO need baking classes wei XD Anyone wanna teach?

During the Zespri challenge each blogger were to come out on how to infuse kiwi fruit in their daily food intake as kiwi is known to contain very high vitamins properties (they go really well with strawberries if you like sour stuff like me :-P)

And also this was the first time for me to try Zespri's Gold Kiwifruit that is surprisingly sweet compared to the average green kiwi.
I like the green kiwi because it's always a hit or miss whether you get the sweet or sour one :-P hehe~

Overall making custard tarts wasn't too hard because thank god for instant custard mix :-P
Cheat mood, but effective.

Oh well, at least this batch looks decent and it's edible lol, though i got some complaints from my siblings that it isn't sweet enough (sorry for stinging on the sugar!)

Erm..let's just say the custard wasn't stirred to well so it ended up clumping instead of the usual smooth custard texture >.<

Well..that's my baking journey for now..thank God I haven't burnt down my house yet with my horrible culinary skills *choii! Touchwood*.

And to think of it i nearly signed up for culinary classes back in form 4 because i didn't want to be in the art class with a bunch of pig-headed monkeys (boys).
But alas! It wasn't meant to be due to the school didn't have enough the equipment to run the class so i was dump into sub-science stream :D

So now that you have seen my horrible baking skills, what else would you like to see me screw up next? XD


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