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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Smile more with TruCare!

Always remember to brush your teeth when you wake up to avoid killing the unsuspecting innocent victim with your morning breath *winks*

Bleeding gums is something i suffered from occasionally, all this while I've been convinced that it is due to malnutrition but overall i seem to be having a more balance diet aside from still having my outpatient treatment.
Having the mixture taste of blood (taste like rust water) and menthol every single time i brush my teeth really annoys me alot and not to mention that i have a phobia for blood, so the sight of my daily oral care doesn't appeal to me >.< 

Then after finding out that bleeding gums and other sensitive mouth issues like ulcers, gum ache and even sore throats are actually pretty common among people not only me (which i do find surprising) aside from toothbrushes bristles comes in different sizes and grades : Soft, Medium & Hard <--I didn't know this as well LOL!

Always thought that all toothbrushes were the same (noob) just comes in different sizes (adults/kids). But small things like these we don't usually give much thought about unless it's really..REALLY BAD and unbearable.
And when we do give a thought about it, we end up paying a hefty sum for a dentist visit when the problem can actually be easily solved with a change of toothpaste.

That made my eyes really POP-ed. I mean..isn't toothpaste just like any other ordinary toothpaste which is basically a soap for our mouth. And the only difference we usually look for is the taste and it's mintiness. Other than that i think none of us would even look twice at a toothpaste brand unless you are making a price comparison. Admit this, it's true no? :-P

Not only pain, but some also suffer from bad breath even though you have tried to change your diet or brush your tongue till it bleeds (i do that too). After reading how i care for my mouth scares you huh? Can be considered quite ganas la lol but then when i was introduced to Tru Care Nano Silver toothpaste that is specialized to overcome multiple oral care related problems.

Example: Bleeding gums, bad breath, and ulcers! 

I admit i did have my doubts about a toothpaste made to tackle all sorts of oral problems in just one silver tube? Makes everyone go "WHAT? SERIOUSLY?" 
But after switching from my usual toothpaste brand (Darlie/Lion), decided to give Tru Care a test run for approximately 2 weeks and i am really left awe with the results. Towards the end of the first week the rust+ mint taste i get from brushing gets lesser and lesser everyday till today i don't even spit out blood anymore.

The only time now i get a bloody wash is when i accidentally brush my teeth at a wrong angle, but overall so far my gums feel less sore now.

Made is Malaysia as well! Not only for the first time i've experience a new product that has really delivered REAL results in just less than 2 weeks of usage.

More reasons to support our local brands eh?
Since they started proving themselves and their trustworthy abilities, i find it more efficient to get them here rather that rely on imported brands.

Apparently they are also giving out some samples to tryout on their official Facebook page!
Click to find out how you can get one courier to your house today.

Official website: http://www.trucare.com.my

Disclaimer: Product is provided for reviewing purposes but my feedbacks are genuine as a user.



  1. Oh dear, I also suffered bleeding gums like you, and always thought that I'm cursed. Once a while they just bleed for fun and makes me total embarassed when my friends pinpoint out to me saying 'Hey, you gum's bleeding!' Super annoying. But I went to do some scaling and true enough as the dentist works on me, my whole mouth was blood! O.O Like in those horror movie like tht lol, but after scaling my gums arent sore anymore and never bleeds at all. And I uses Paradontax Red (for bleeding gum) and Pyodontal Plus F, both are good. So, I think you can try scaling one day if you have not... I had never believed in the need to do a scaling until I did it myself. Srsly

    1. i see.. never tried scaling but worth giving it a try in the future. Thanks for the suggestion Isabella! :D


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