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Guess Luxe Official Launch

Guess had their most recent launching for the fall/winter 2013 collection on Guess Luxe range and boy.. i am sure glad to witness the whole event.
One of the high fashion brands that is known for carrying in a variety of pure fashionable leather bags that every woman needs.

Imagine stepping into an event whose color theme is white, so your dress code is white, the store itself is already white. Feels like stepping into another dimension in space where everything from the decorations to the architecture look so sheek and futuristic.

Just like their brand.

I am very familiar with the brand Guess because back when i was 15 while working part time in Metrojaya Mid Valley under a french shoe brand called, Fiorruci just 2 slots away was the Guess shoe counter where they always display such gorgeous designed heels that every girl would drool for.

 After that i got to know that not only Guess carries in gorgeous heels they also have a wide fashionable range of  apparel, sure most of you would have know the famous denim brand called "GUESS" :-P
It's been awhile since I last visited Mid Valley, they now have their very own handbag store located in The Gardens.

Thank you The Butterfly Project from this prestigious invitation to witness the collections first hand and  getting to know more about the brand :-)
And big thanks to Reiko for giving me a lift from the lrt, sorry for making you wait T__T *sobs*

We are so totally dressed for the occasion. Theme color was obviously white, as a monochrome colored person finding something completely white in my wardrobe seems impossible lol! Same goes to Reiko, thank god we same size XD Doesn't she look so stunning in that ASOS inspired dress?

The KL girls, lol since we live so close to each other but barely have the time to meet up :-(
With my favourite bunch of Girls, it is always fun having all of you under the same roof :D Loads of catching up to do :)
Got my jelly envelope bag from Gun & Bleng 

Our sexy MC that night was none other than the smexy Patricia.K! 
Looks and body to die for *drools*

Was so glad that I had my trusty Samsung galaxy camera with me that night because i managed to record the whole performance and took loads of great photos even with it's auto settings!
Check out the beautiful surprise Guess had prepared for us 30 Butterflies that night, 4 dancers clad in boudoir that symbolizes their femininity and the bags they are dancing with are the newest collection that just arrived.
The colors and patterns for fall/winter 2013 really describes my personality, with the leopard prints  and all those deep colors.
Tell me how not to resists? TT____TT can la, when wallet empty lol.

Dancers showing off their teasing moves with Christina Aguilera's CandyMan song. So happen my current ringtone is that too lol XD so when they first played the song i thought it was my phone ringing.

After the collection's spectacular entry, the night didn't end just there. Guess had organized a very interesting instagram contest specially for us 30 bloggers from The ButterflyProject where we have to unleash our creativity and express our love for the brand by taking pictures of/with Guess bags and posting them on our instagram with their hashtags #GuessLuxe & #Leatherbag

Should have taken pictures of the scene that night where every girl was glued to their phones trying to instagram as many pictures as they could since the surprise prizes were Guess leather goods! Wasn't particularly aiming to win, but thank lady luck that night for allowing my picture to bag 3rd prize! An organizer pouch/purse, just what i needed because my Cotton On wallet that has been serving me for 1 year + is dying of old age.

My random winning photo, honestly i didn't even know what i was doing XD

Thank you so much Guess for the early Christmas prezzie! I was actually kinda stunned when you guys announced my name XD

Congratulations to Sabby for bagging 2nd place with her creative photo.

Last but not least Reiko who won 1st place with her supermodel photo! Indeed she posed like one of those Guess ad models with a cute caption " Unleash The Supermodel Within you with Guess". You go girl! Woots~ 

Group photo of all of us, the surprise and excited faces of the winnerrsssssss.

Lol, posing with our prizes. Thank you for the fun night Guess & The Butterfly Project.

After reading all exciting night's fun, spotted any bag from the fall/winter collection 2013 that captured your eye? :-P Pretty bags are too hard to resists, i understand that because i have an older sister who is crazy about handbags XD

Here is the complete catalog of their fall/winter 2013 collection, for you guys who are lacking of ideas on getting your Girlfriend, wife or mother a Christmas present this year should just drop by Guess store in The Garden, Mid valley XD.
They would love to receive one of these babies, i assure you.

Primrose colors are just so stunning~

My G's handbag designs are my personal favs out of the whole collection :D

Follow them on facebook to catch up with the latest collections and also don't forget to join our blogger community girls!


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