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Wifi Direct LIFESAVER!

Christmas really came early this year! It's not even December yet and I am having a long wishlist and this Galaxy Camera (Wine Red) is one of them. Love the functions so much, not to mention the color (it's new) and if they ever do come out in pastel series, I might just jump off the building now lol.

P/S: Cute or not my handmade mini prezzie prop? <-- takde kaitan langsung lol 

For instance my phone is out of data plan (i always use finish thanks to browsing facebook every 2 minutes lol), and I am outside without any wifi connection but i want to upload an interesting photo instantly. All i have to do is use the Wifi direct (build in wifi that is available in S4 & Galaxy Camera) to transfer the photo/file over to my camera so i can upload it via my camera data plan. This is our life, constantly updating our social media sites as a way to keep in touch with friends near and far XD 

You can call it the internet version of "bluetooth". Great part is having it's built in wifi direct function it allows me to easily connect with my Galaxy Camera or any other Samsung devices. Files transferred over via wifi direct is much more faster, and easily detects the Samsung device you want to connect with, you don't have to wait and search for a user like bluetooth which also pick up random stranger's signals within the range. At least i know my files is safely transferred from one device to another without anyone hacking it.

Viewing some things on a bigger screen is definitely better but this two guys are basically siblings made for each other. I really can't live without either one of them, wherever my S4 goes i will make sure galaxy camera tags along.

Now having 2 devices that take equally good photos why bother carrying both? 
There are times when i do forget to charge my S4 the night before and i urgently need to send out any email, i can easily use my Galaxy camera to complete that task lol.

But overall for taking selfies, S4's front camera is the best XD *vain max*.



  1. great review!! iv always wanted this camera but good that i'v read this before i got it :)


    1. Most welcome dear^^ thanks for dropping by! Love your travel photos btw <3


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