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Welcome to my blog!

If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
For sponsorship, collaborations and engagements: arisa1443@gmail.com

WIP [Round 2]: Frozen Elsa Cosplay

This is like the one and only time i am actually crazy enough to remake a costume just because i love the design so much!
Thank you Disney and Jean Gilmore for creating such inspirational clothing designs for each character.
Who says that costume designing is easy? Designing in general is never easy especially when you have to weigh out your creativity and possibility of making it into reality.  
Yea.. sure you can go crazy with your ideas on pen and paper but when it comes to real life materials, it ain't as easy as sketches :D

You guys are the only ones that motivates me to continuing what i love despite the risks and disapproval from society.
I do sincerely hope that one day cosplay can achieve the same acknowledgement as the fashion industry or at least being respected as a dedicated costumer rather than being scorned.
I understand how many of you have felt over the years, I've been cosplaying for almost 8 years and till this very day i still struggle to separate my cosplay identity from my professional working life. 
One does not randomly just pop into a job interview and say they are a cosplayer no? First thing the interviewer would look at you as a non serious worker. Die lo~

Right now I am striving to create a place for myself in the fashion industry so that one day i can shed light into this cosplay passion of mine (the main purpose i got into fashion in the first place.)
During my second attempt to source for more suitable fabrics for other parts of Elsa's dress i searched high and low for it thank god Hibiki was also willing to wait since he has been traveling back and forth from Japan for work.

Was thinking of using this for the cape but wasn't sheer enough but the material's flow is beautiful!
"I know many cosplayers out there from other parts of the world has started competing among each other seeing who can make the most accurate costume but seriously? Aside from internet fame, what else do you even achieve from going that far just to be famous online?  
When you think again, this type of mentality defeats the purpose of  'having fun cosplaying'. One of the MAIN factors that demotivates me to continue this hobby hence i went into hiatus for quite some time last year. Hobby is meant something for you to enjoy during your free time, not a frigging competition damn it!"
so there..I've have my say about human stupidity. Comparison doesn't change a thing, haters will be haters and not everyone is strong enough to climb back up after a horrible internet bashing (specially you stupid people on 9Gag and God knows what other stupid websites that you idiots made to post dumb comments)

Yes, I've been told i am skinny. So what? I was borne small boned in my entire family and making me eat like a pig doesnt changes thing expect making me look fat and unhealthy.
There is a blogpost I've been tempted to post for ages but i am making sure to do a proper research on these idiots before replying to them :-)
Sound really fun.

First attempt was insane, hand sewing on sequin piece by piece and by 1 week+ i barely even cover half of the bustier area. Not to mention that i work on this on every spare time i had even when i got home from work, while eating my dinner..etc. But deep inside to me all this hardwork is always worth it so just persevere.

Then I came across this lovely sequined fabric that someone was selling off  on Facebook the remaining part (about 1-1/2meters)
This bling instantly caught my eye lol, 1st thing i did was PM seller and paid her that day itself XD
That is what i call a progressive day.

 *Rejoice!!!* No more sewing on sequins one by one XDDD

I couldn't find back the same satin like material i previously used in Kamdar and i went to the exact same shop in Masjid India some more *sobs*. So heck with it and unpick the entire costume lol this is like the first time i even bother to do a proper lining for my cosplay costumes.

Unpicked the lower part of the skirt, first i just sewn on a circular type of pattern hence it's didn't really give a body hugging figure.

Luckily there was just enough amount of materials to work with because i couldn't find back the same material. The base fabric itself wasn't glittery so i added on a layer or glitter netting on top before sewing the entire skirt together.

Honestly speaking not to brag, i pretty happy with the outcome of the skirt. Oh and please ignore my distorted looking leg over here lol half of it is being covered by the skirt. Pffft!
And PLEASE..PLEASE stop looking at my shoes damn it! =_= That can be easily sourced from taobao but yet instead of looking at the costume's effort you guys look at my shoes..what the... =_=

This had to be glued on because the fabric was too delicate to even sew :-( Can't find a suitable colored/ textured fabric for this piece. This part is literally wear once and throw away T__T
Because it stretches out of place so easily and snags on my dry fingers all the time causing it to ruin.
Malaysia, why you so limited fabrics? :-(

 The condition of my room from December 2013 till February 2014. Imagine the mess, thank god no food in my room or i'll swear cockroaches will start appearing...F***!

But overall this was so worth it! Finally satisfy my cravings to create beautiful clothing/costumes XD
Currently working on other projects at the moment like the Animax Carnival: https://www.facebook.com/events/587511904660909/
Will be there as a guest judge alongside with 3 other well known cosplayers!! So honored to received such an invitation :-)

Life size Olaf W.I.P i shall save it for my next upcoming post XD

Make Up: J Pop Corner and Kiss Me

OH! And thank you from a friend in Thailand that sent me this :')
Never expected to receive anything but thank you so so much!! 



  1. Wow, you're so good at making the costume!

  2. Lovely and very talented ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. You look really really pretty like Elsa! I've followed you, mind following me back? :) x

  4. Hi, I have made an elsa costume for my daughter for her school fancy dress. May I know where to get cheap blonde wigs. As I need one for her. Can I rent it out as it old be just for that day. Many thanks. I am new to .kl and this info would be of great help to me

    1. Hi dear:) thanks for your comment. If I am not mistaken cheap wigs can be found in costume stores (1 utama & sunway pyramid has one) hope this helps!

    2. Hi dear:) thanks for your comment. If I am not mistaken cheap wigs can be found in costume stores (1 utama & sunway pyramid has one) hope this helps!

    3. Hi dear:) thanks for your comment. If I am not mistaken cheap wigs can be found in costume stores (1 utama & sunway pyramid has one) hope this helps!


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