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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Animax Carnival 2014

Phew..Finally down and being able to blog about this amazing weekend i had 2 weeks ago at Animax Carnival 2014 :)
An opportunity of a lifetime i am very much blessed to have, really couldn't have thank Animax Malaysia any other way for this.
Meeting international cosplayers for the very first time like Jiaki Darkness and Yuki Godbless from Thailand, though for Ying Tze i think it's very natural for her liao since she is a celebrity cosplayer who travels to most Asia's ACG events (famous woman!) :-P 

Great catching up with some old cosplayer friends in the community whom i lost touched since my hiatus, but no worries i am going to put in more effort into maintaining my hobby and work this year and i do hope it won't end a disaster like my college years @@ 

Most friendliest and cute bunch of people I've ever met!! Visiting Thailand ACG conventions will be next on my bucket list^^ wait for me Jiaki and Yuki!

I am still learning every single day throughout my entire life journey, but i still do feel "paiseh" when being an invited guest to such a big event such as Animax (growing bigger every year yo!) :)
Like you, i am just an ordinary human also okay lol so please chill QAQ i do not have special powers or anything so please don't scare me. Meeting people and making new friends is something i love doing and bet everyone does to, anyway that's like one of the main reasons why i got into this hobby aside from just wanting to be a costume designer.

Though i didn't speak much because i was honestly very shy and seeing such a big crowd made me even more nervous that day haha. Stage fright is really something i don't think i will be able to overcome till i die wei...seeing so many people stare at you is kinda scary. Hats off to those who do stage performance gigs for a living, please donate me some of your courage lolol.

Though the costume i made for Inari-chan wasn't as elaborated as Uka-sama's but one thing that made me really happy was that i came out of my comfort zone and tried something new with sewing techniques plus even made Kon-chan because she is just too cute to not have!
And Ying tze....why you bocor to me the last scene was episode 10?? *sobs* Because i was still following the manga which (thankfully) haven't ended yet which makes me wonder if Inari Kon Kon Koi Iroha is going to come out with season 2 or not :-P

Though i have lost touch with most animes but this series is something really fun and enjoyable to watch, one of the great titles introduced by Animax On Demand, hoping for more interesting selections AOD near future!!
Subscribe to Animax(715) to catch the series, trust me...after watching this all you can think of is Uka-samaaaaaaaaaaaa~ *A*

After a long day in costume, both of us quickly change so that we can roam around the hall before it closes. Sadly all the good stuff are already gone but thankfully not much crowd like earlier where we could barely walk through lol, when i attended the very first Animax Carnival i never expect to see the visitors to grow this big in such a  short period of time, congrats Animax. Can foresee soon you guys will be like ComicFiesta attracting thousands ^^

Had so many funny and random moments with Ying Tze that I also cannot brain, lol now i understand why Hermes (my fiancee, not sure kena dumped already or not lol) and Cheryl totally match each other like Ying and Yang wei... Ok lah...i jelly you pretty perfect looking people , i shall grow mushrooms in a corner TT__TT

Spotted my ALL time childhood favourite anime series by Takahashi Rumiko-sensei!! 
Such a heartwarming series next to Blood+, and only these series were aired on Animax sadly at least it shows they have great taste in anime choices 8D

The dedication corner looks like an exact replica of the Inari Shrine, if the crowd wasn't so packed earlier that day i think me and Cheryl would have camped there to take photos liao XD
Did any of you leave a message for Uka-sama? *winks*
I know i did...and it's pretty obvious too lol those who know me already know i want to visit Japan lor :P hahaha who wouldn't wei?

At least lunchtime i caught up with a very old friend of mine, Allen Yap from CosplayFUN and Abby who came down all the way from Kuching!!!! Can't wait to meet her sister Belle who is my hubby Jack Frost (。・//ε//・。)♥ Such beautiful sisters, darn times like these i wish i was a guy so i can hit on you girls =3= *shameless confession*

One hour of makan fun + shopping session for original Marvel shirts at 50% off ftw!
Allen berjaya poison me and Abby into shopping lol but no regrets with my new IronMan shirt  (。♥‿♥。) the designs are so elaborate plus material is super comfy too, heck if it's only size L and XL that is going on sale.

And yes to clarify all things, the costumes all 4 of us are wearing are self made not by tailors ;-)
So it doesn't mean you must have a background in fashion or tailoring skills (though they are an advantage) to achieve these results, just have the right set of mind and dedication towards your passion and anything is possible.
Only reason why i want to move overseas is because they have so many choices for fabrics unlike Malaysia *sobs*..Hope that can come true someday (yeah right lol can dream on la~ :P)

See you soon Yuki!

Seeing all the cosplayers who were up on stage that day competing, knowing they made their own costumes and put so much efforts in their skits. It was really a job well done guys!

At least by seeing you guys it reminds me of the reason why i landed myself in this roller coaster ride 9 years ago, doing something we love by being super resourceful. So it shows that all hope is not lost in this growing community, but a word of advice to all those who want to participate in cosplay contest near future :)
Just be yourself, be comfortable in the character you are doing so that performing wouldn't be a problem. Make sure to do background research and do note this that it is always an added bonus if you have crafted the entire costume yourself. It shows us your dedication towards your hobby, though you can't sew but at least the smallest efforts still counts :)
Most of all never forget to have FUN.
Competitions can be tough but at the end of the day we are all gathered in this community to enjoy. Not going to say much nanti kena *tembak* for no reason lol.


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