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Carlo Rino: Spring Into Summer Fashion

Carlo Rino one of Malaysia’s most fashionable and sophisticated local brands that made its name known among all fashion loving women with their elegant timeless designs on leather goods such as handbags and shoes. As a “young” and youthful person I tend to be more colourful and expressive in my Fashion style somehow which seems to be one of the key colours of Carlo Rino’s latest Spring Summer Collection.

This is really somewhat a 360 degree turn on their usual timeless pieces, introducing a whole new range of pastels and neons really caught my attention. When I first got a glimpse of their latest catalogue that came along with the CLEO Magazine, I couldn’t help staring at it because it so reminds me of a toned down version of Katy Perry’s California Girls MV (no joke). Really transport you into a whole dimension like Alice in Wonderland sort of thing.

Proves that Carlo Rino is also expanding their collection to younger people, which makes it a bonus as their designs never fails to be versatile for any occasion. Well made, high quality leather bags was something that never came across my mind because most of them are usually plain coloured and dull without any designs, and I’m talking based on my experience working in a branded shoe/handbag shop from France before when I was 15.

After seeing the launching fashion show of Carlo Rino’s spring summer 2014 collection in Mid Valley’s fashion week (that was really fast! Oh how time flies~ it’s already going to be the mid of 2014 *sobs*) which I was so grateful to be invited as a media to witness this spectacular showcase. To my amazement the perspective of dull plain colored leathered bags instantly vanished, out came drool (so embarrassing) when I saw all those models strutting down the runway with Carlo Rino’s bags and shoes.  And these ain’t your average range of coloured palatte that will soon be out of season by next year, talk about it being fashionable and timeless at the same time which was what Carlo Rino designs are known for.

Any occasion, those colours do give you a complete look despite a simple outfit, suitable for dates, cooperate people, socialites, normal outing from a range of young adults to older women who appreciates fashion. I’ve personally never been really fond of having too many bags because I hate the idea of taking out everything just to change bags (yes I am lazy) but I know a girl who is so rajin to do that, let me intro this crazy girl : Sarah (my sistaaaaaaaaaa lol)

I salute her dedication towards accessories, for me I put a full stop at clothings and make up cant afford to go overboard with the accessories is not too overdressed liao :P But most of my accessories are given by my sis including bags so I have to give it to her that she has good taste, can be potential fashion merchandiser liao if your career as a English teacher doesn’t work out (I doubt hah!)!

Full #OOTD from Rakuten Toki Choi
Shoes from NAKED

But right after the fashion show that day, I instantly went to Carlo Rino’s boutique in Mid Valley  to purchase one of those bags that I was eyeing earlier at the runway 8D

Shows how much I couldn’t resists, and was darn lucky that I recently just discarded my previous handbag after the material started peeling and straps broke *ahem* more excuse to buy a new bag without feeling guilty lol. I think I am the only one who uses all my nice stuff until, like my mom always calls it  “jahanam” wei. In the end everything I get despite it being fashionable or expensive solely serves its purpose ;)
But there are times where I close one eye for fashion stuff la like if I really like the design despite it being small, I will still get it but after awhile I ask myself how often to I use it? :P *kena slap*

I am sure many of you girls have the same problem as me right? Ter-give in to the temptations of shopping and end up hoarding too many things at home. Well….i now so understand (Rebecca from life of a shopaholic) for she feels especially when having to get rid of things she don’t need. How la to save for travelling when there are so many temptations like these T^T
I must resists……..

Rule No. 1 in my shopping motto  

Do you Need it?

I think so…..


But it’s so pretty!!!!

Well enough said after an hour of debating with myself in the shop while all my other friends already decided on their purchases I bought this baby!! J

So you will see me around with this cute bag more often than my old blue handbag.
So proud to finally own my very first branded handbag bought by my own sweat and blood *drama queen*. My parents never showered me with branded stuff which I was grateful for because they are an average earning parents with a big family to take care off. But when you are out of the working world having your own income once in a awhile treating yourself to things like these can be a great way to release work stress lol but usually most of my marneyyy goes to buying materials for my collection and cosplay oTL 
Believe it or not my cosplay hobby (Elsa costume) cost more than this branded handbag I just bought wei….. now you know lol.

By the way, some designs and colors from these collections are limited so best to grab them before they are all out of stock. And did you know in Mid Valley when you present you Jusco card you get an extra 10% discount (I just found out) but I am not sure about other Carlo Rino outlets though o.o

They have other boutiques in malls all around Klang Valley and “LIKE” them on face book for the latest updates and promotions.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carlorino.my

Carlo Rino is also currently having discounts out to 50% off on selected designs in conjunction of mother’s day (limited time only). Don’t miss it!



  1. OMG ! The color is awesome !! is a aqua green right ? (i think so ) Love carlo rino bag so much ~ hope can own one someday ~ hahaha !

    1. Yep^^ they are having 50% sale for mother's day now^^ go check it out dear!

  2. i really envy that bag you got la, so nice!!

  3. That colour of the bag is so sweet!! Love it!!


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