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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Cinderella Moment: Havaianas Summer Kit

Who doesn't want to be a Disney Princess? Especially one of the earliest which was Cinderella where a young poor orphaned girl mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters who ended up marrying a prince and lived happily ever after just because of a single glass slipper? :D

The Butterfly Project is having a special lucky giveaway to these limited edition Havaianas Summer Kits that is inclusive with matching designed towels. And those aren't just any ordinary summer colored flip flops because they are specially designed and something money can't buy because it's literally very VERY limited quantity made, like on 20 pairs!!

I've been a very vintage loving pin up kind of girl i think that best describes my aesthetic as a fashion designer. Give me frills, laces, corsets and those curves i can bet on you i'll make magic out of that perfect combination.

What made me fell in love with this particular designs are because they are designed by a handful of renowned American pin up artists, The Elvgren.
Amazing and talented bunch who brings pin up artwork to a whole new level with their skills, though they are not with us here today (deceased) but their powerful artwork has left an impact on society which carries forward to this very day.

After the unfortunate incident of someone mistook my precious Havaianas prize slippers during The Butterfly Malaysia's 1st ever spa party last year i was totally devastated. Only wore it once for less than an hour and the next thing i knew they went missing :-(
It was a lovely shade of dusty blush pink with pale gold straps. Looks pretty much similar to the one in the picture above (blonde in a white bikini) but except mine was solid colors without any designs.

Those 60 minutes of comfort on my soles was total bliss and i do miss them very much, hope i am lucky enough to win this limited edition fashionable summer havaianas which i will treasure dearly and pair them up with my most fashionable summer coordination to head to the beach!
Imagine like having a runway on sand and sea babeh!!! So in the mood for prints and designing a collection right now 8D
Thank you for the wonderful spark of inspiration Havaianas.
Best part about my feet size is all my models and friends can fit them too XD Being a size: 38/ 7 is the best :D

Pretty common size but saves alot of cost when i am dressing people up for runways or shoots :D
Having such a sophisticated pair of Havaianas addition to my shoe/ slipper collection would make my life as a shoe addict complete >w<
Thank you Butterly Malaysia and Havaianas Malaysia.

Don't forget to join Butterfly Malaysia's latest women photography empowering campaign too:)


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