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Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch

Been waiting for this ever since I heard the news of it being in midst of production last year during the S4 launch XD 
Yep, I am no gadget geek but when it comes to smart phones I am always on a look out for new models that can take my crazy usage :P 

I don't watch porn on my phone but take it as my smartphone works as my laptop, GPS, Communication device and etc especially since I barely at home and to carry around a laptop seems rather inconvenient. Though laptop models these days can be super light but let’s face the fact their size is not something you can fit into your handbag right?

Don't get me started about tabs okay! :P 

I’ll just stick to the amazing creations of smart phones, being one of the very first crowd getting to see Mr Lee, the official Samsung making Galaxy S5 launch official in Malaysia I couldn’t be more content that night, thank you Manoah for this prestigious invitation! Moreover I get to play with it before it hits the markets :DD
Wohoooo, media perks lol, not always this lucky but when I do get the opportunity, I am more than grateful that a small fry like me can be considered into the guest list >w<

I am just going to briefly tell you guys about the Galaxy S5 phone and the launching night, with our handsome MC of the night, Jehan Miskin (famous Malaysian actor) opening the event for us.
Not only that this year Samsung has gotten our athletic hero, Dato Lee Chong Wei as Galaxy S5’s ambassador which I personally think there is no one other that represents this device that well except him.

We Malaysians are slowly becoming more aware of our health and lifestyle habits which makes Galaxy S5 something that everyone needs, it focuses on our health while being a portable and reliable communication device with the camera quality almost equivalent to a DSLR (16 megapixel).

I can't wait for the day when smartphones actually dominates the technology world which I can foresee happening very soon and Samsung will be one of the leading brands to do so J

Once a Samsung user always a Samsung user, I ain’t bribed to say this I am saying this based on my personal feedback as a user. Even though there are flaws in everything (tell me which device creation in this world is flawless la -_-) but Samsung always strive to fix those flaws and delivering a better and much upgraded product to the market. True enough, been a Samsung user since my early years of flip phones till touch screen they have really delivered what they promised. Without fail.

With Galaxy S5 new improved core and battery lifespan, it enables the phone to work at a more efficient speed and remember when we all wished for the days where we only need to charge our brick phones once a week? Believe it or not, it’s possible to do so now with Galaxy S5.

Ain’t kidding, with new inserted ultra saving mode feature it works by shutting down all the unnecessary leisure usage and optimizing it only for calls and messages. Which is a great feature if you are lost or stuck somewhere without a charging port (so what everyone needs lol) Remember my last bus ride experience where I got lost deep inside Subang in the middle of the night with my phone batter dead?

Read about my dreadful experience here: http://www.arisachow.com/2014/01/ride-of-horror.html

Yea stuff like that, so I am considering of upgrading my current Galaxy S4 phone to S5 now >.< haha! I am so fickle minded when it comes to stuff like these. Should I??? 

The battery saving mood is just one of the reasons another is because of their health tracking devices that is available with the phone that allows us to track our workouts, heart rates and other records during our workout sessions. Not many of us can afford monthly gym memberships or high end exercising equipments that tells us the amount of calories burnt or our heart rate condition. So investing in one of these stylish health trackers is totally worth it, especially if you are a marathon runner :D tracks your workout progress and more.

Gear Fit

Gear Fit is designed to look sleek and not too heavy making it a very comfortable wearable device like a 2nd skin. The surface is a 1.84″ Curved Amoled. The Gear Fit is equipped with Accelerometer, Gyro and Heart Rate sensor. Basically, this is like a mini Gear 2. As for Gear 2 it has a more advanced settings compared to the Gear Fit as it's likeness is similar to a wrist watch instead of a bracelet.

Gear 2

This one comes packed with features such as a camera, video recorder/player, music player, including a variety of apps aside just from fitness feature that is available on gear fit.
Not only that apparently the straps are changeable :D Comes with a few variety of colors to suit your personality i can seriously foresee more colors coming out soon. Please do come out with pastels! XD

I can’t say much about it yet because I do not own one but yea, if I do get a Galaxy S5 I might get the whole package *pokaii me* lol

  • Overall compared to the Galaxy S4, S5 has a wider and longer screen making it slightly heavier. 
  • It runs on LTE Cat 4, 2.5Hz Quad core processor, Android KitKat 4.4.2
  • Gear Fit has Curved Amoled, and is fitness skewed with health sensors, more like a simplified version of gear 2 and it also comes with changeable bands
  • Samsung Gear is compatible with 18 types of device models :Samsung Galaxy S5 / Galaxy Grand 2 / Galaxy Note 3 / Galaxy Note 3 Neo / Galaxy Note 2 / Galaxy S4 / Galaxy S3 / Galaxy S4 Zoom / Galaxy S4 Active / Galaxy S4 mini /Galaxy Mega 6.3 / Galaxy Mega 5.8 / Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) / Galaxy NotePRO (12.2) / Galaxy TabPRO (12.2/10.1/8.4)*Compatible device models to be further expanded

Pricing in Malaysia**
Samsung Galaxy S5:
RRP RM 2,399.
Preorder: 28 March 2014 – 10 April 2014
At stores: 11 April 2014 onwards
Available at Samsung Brand Stores, and telco partners: DiGi, Celcom, Maxis.
Only in Charcoal Black & Shimmery White. Electric Blue & Copper Gold in Malaysia will be announced later.

Samsung Gear 2:
RRP RM 899
At stores: 11 April onwards
Available at Samsung Brand Stores, and authorised dealers.

Samsung Gear Fit:
RRP RM 599
At stores: 11 April onwards
Available at Samsung Brand Stores, and authorised dealers.

** Subject to change. 
For more information do visit Samsung's website or Facebook page for the latest updates.


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