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Malaysia Clothes Buffet: Hungry For Fashion

If you are like me pretty much not a fan of most Malaysian food, the word buffet wouldn’t even make our heads turn nor think twice. I would rather eat enough than to stuff myself just to get my money’s worth in a buffet especially those Japanese Buffets where you see people stuffing themselves with unlimited supply of sashimi  @_@

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You guys are insane because your stomachs are like black holes, but seriously? I never understood the concept of food buffet because it encourages people to eat more they can handle as a result causing unnecessary tummy aches or unintentional weight gain.

But when it comes to fashion how we all girls (and some fashionable guys) wish we could have the same concept with clothes. Who doesn’t? Most of us fashionistas pay a fortune for a piece just because we want it so badly lol, but great news to all of you guys because clothes buffet is back for the 3rd time as Malaysia’s largest Clothes Buffet EVER! This year is obviously gonna be bigger, better (more varieties) and for the cost for only RM60 per ziplock bag. But there is a catch, all you can stuff clothes buffet BUT at the end of your shopping time (15 minutes per customer), you must be able to zip it up as well before you check out or additional charges with be charged accordingly LOL.

Make things easier for you girls you can pre-buy your tickets/ time slots here: http://on.fb.me/1gTCU8X

I’ve always wanted to visit them ever since I read their advertisement on one of the local blogshops but never been very fond of the massive crowds (cuz I claustrophobic) and in order to get the good stuff be prepared to be one of the earliest in line lol.
This year I am going to step out of my comfort zone, for the sake of fashion and shopping (of course) to finally visit the Clothes Buffet!

Guess what? This year they have more than 50,000 pieces up for grabs, more than enough for all you hardcore shopaholics out there.

No longer held in small cramped places as this year all thanks to your overwhelming support it will be held in Taylor Lakeside Campus, Syopz mall : http://www.syopz.com.my/!! *woots*
Spacious, great and cozy environment plus there is even makan places within the college grounds such as Subway, Starbucks and many more.
After a crazy round of shopping with your girlfriends, head to one of their cafes to relax and check out the goodies you managed to grab from the buffet :D
*looks for sleeping bag* maybe I should just pitch a tent outside taylor lakeside lololol, who wants to join me? XD

Time to practice your stuffing and rolling skills on your wardrobe to make sure you come readily prepared to grab all the stuff you can :D

Make sure to ask you mom or maid some folding techniques that can help save space
Record breaking news and yet to be defeated was a total of 16 pieces stuffed into one ziplock bag :D 16 pieces of clothes for only RM60? Don’t we wish every shops does this kind of concept to clear out their unwanted stocks instead of putting them on measly discounts and still no sign of budging? :P
 Don’t say I didn’t share this fabulous news with all you shopaholics ya :P

Cosplayers, this is also a great opportunity for you to hunt for potential cosplay clothes and accessories  :D
Make sure to mark the dates down on your calendar, smart phones, memo pads with tons of reminders all around you because this is something you wouldn’t forgive yourself if you “accidentally” forgot about the event XD I know I wouldn’t, might even go to the extreme of killing myself (just being melodramatic lol)

Last but not least stay tuned for their special blowout sales on special time slots *winks*

For more details and latest updates don't forget to LIKE & FOLLOW Malaysia Clothes Buffet Official page: https://www.facebook.com/malaysiaclothesbuffet
See you all there dearies! X)


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