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Hada Labo: Brighter Skin Everyday

Facial regime? What's that? Please pardon my ignorance towards skincare products despite having sensitive skin that constantly break out or turns flaky due to my constant make up usage *vain max lolol*

I usually see all my sisters going for facial treatment (expensive stuff if you ask me), after their usual face wash they will apply toner, moisturizer..etc.
In my case would be: 
Wash → Avène Thermal Spring Water spray → Sunblock = DONE!

Can't stand my face feeling to caked up with so many products when i have to wear another layer of cosmetics on top of it, imagine the double amount of work @_@ I think 2 hours getting ready also not enough.

So hard to get proper lighting in my room -_- i don't have a high end camera so please bear with my phone one which takes decent and pretty photos under natural lighting ok! Lol.
It's funny that i am so particular over such small matters such as this when i am blogging and not to mention i can be quite anal when it comes to sewing :-P

Moisturizers usually comes in a cream like form so getting to try it in liquid form is really an eye opening experience. Well, with technology these days the things deemed impossible in the past have already been made possible by mankind today lol.

Hada Labo is one of those Japanese skincare brand that is well known in Japan and  we Malaysians are considered lucky that it is available at all major local pharmacies at affordable prices.
Got to know of this particular brand through XiaXiu's blog (Singaporean Blogger) a few years ago, as much as i hated the color "pastel pink"back then but i secretly couldn't help myself being attracted to all her pretty pastel blog layouts LOL! Guess that is what you call 'In Denial'.  

One thing is for sure about me is when i found a particular suitable brand, (after a few trial and errors la of course! Nobody is perfect) you won't see me dare to even try other brands after that and i will stock up on this particular product like it's the apocalypse because being paranoid after a few experiences with some beauty companies (especially cosmetics) discontinuing a particular line/ color after they get you hooked to it.
In a way it's pretty much a 'drug' for females but not harmful to health, only wallet 8D   

After my first opportunity on getting to try out Hada Labo's latest range of skin cleanser last year :

I am particularly hooked to the brand already, now this is one of those things that i would gladly repurchase in the future!
In fact i've just recently finished using my deep cleanser and recently repurchased in at Watsons for only RM14+!
Talk about it being super affordable, obviously there is a catch la :-P If not mistaken i got it at a PWP (purchase with purchase) price by spending a minimal of RM20 on a single receipt before getting this facial wash at it's discounted price. Still worth it though!

Shit...out of topic again (?) okay...back to the Hada Labo Mild Peeling Lotion, according to it's claims that it is personally targets for

Skin Type
  • Oily Skin
  • Combination Skin type 
  • Removes dull skin, impurities
  • Stimulates cell renewal
  • Brighten Skin
  • Tighten pores
  • Minimizes Fine lines
  • Improves skin elasticity & Firmness
  • Hydrates Skin

It covers much almost every skin care criteria every girl looks for in a facial product lol, so you do not need to many products on your dresser table after this.
I am shy to admit my current skin condition even if it's not obvious in photos, especially this instagram picture thanks to application filters *ohoho~*

Photos with filter = Easy cheat selca mood for lazy day (=w=)b

 [✔]  Combination Skin type
 [✔] Dull Skin
 [✔] Big pores (especially nose area)
 [✔] Dry Skin

Yes, the pores around my nose area are huge, hopefully there is a product out there that can shrink them till they are barely visible <--- I wish

So let's see if it's really good as they claim to be, though i usually find it hard to doubt Japanese products not because i am bias but so far what they market is worthy of their country's reputation.

Thanks for reading my crappy blog! :D


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