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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Lunasol: A Tale of the Moon & Sun

Japan, i know it's annoying to see me 'worshiping' this amazing country endlessly but trust me, who wouldn't? Aside from natural disasters (which are everywhere) they are like one of the most advanced countries in the world and i thank God they are expanding towards our Malaysian shores.
Their culture, Heritage and down to the very last bit of detail about Japan sets me off into my own fantasy land XD

Upon receiving one of these prestigious brand launching invitation especially since it's Kanebo, i do sometimes feel i myself am not worthy of such high class events since i am just a simple kampung girl who feels too shy to attend lol >.<

Kanebo Established in 1887 and now a proud mother of many amazing brands today such as Lunasol, Shiseido, KATE, Sensai and many  more beauty/ cosmetics products.
My knowledge of Japanese cosmetic brands can be considered pretty vast (not bragging) but when it comes to the European brands like Estee Lauder , Urban Decay or even Bobbi Brown that is where i put my full stop lol. I swear by by Asian (Japan especially) cosmetics every since i discovered them at an early age.

During the recent Lunasol's 15th Anniversary, they took such amazing steps to bring their original heritage down here for us locals to experience.
This is my first time getting to see how a Furoshiki is made and hear the delicate music of the Koto.

All these entertainment aside because the main reason of this amazing event is because Lunasol has proudly turned 15 this year! Congratulations Lunasol on your 15th birthday, and many more to come. 
This brand is no stranger to fellow Malaysians make up enthusiasts out there because they truly understand the meaning of 'beauty'.

I heard and seen countless of makeup reviews regarding this brand and it's astounding quality and getting to test out their latest products would be every girl's dream come true. That is why i said i am truly blessed to be able to try such prestigious products :-) 

The Brand themselves is inspired by their rich culture, well that explains the traditional exhibition they had earlier prior to this ceremony.
Believe it or not, the CEO of Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia - Mr. Masahiro Yamasaki was personally there himself to present his "Thank You Speech" to the medias and VIPs who were present during this joyous celebration as well.

Among their special product launches in conjunction of this celebration is the Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Make Up Palette that consists of carefully selected beautiful beige colors that are complements each other  very well.

Not to say i am a fan of eyeshadows but after my Elsa cosplay i am starting to experiment more with colors on my daily look aside just from cosplay. So when it comes to earthy tones like this 15th Anniversary Palette it totally screams natural colors "wear me everyday!!!" 
I swear i could hear the tempting screams calling out to me XD Yea..i love to exaggerate but it makes things fun.

This palette is in fact not only called "Limited Edition" because it's released for it's anniversary it is literally LIMITED in QUANTITY as well. So first come first serve basis ladies, it's available at your nearest Kanebo Lunasol counters from this month onwards.

Retailing at RM368 for the whole set that includes :-
- Six beige coloured eyeshadows
- Micro Finish Pressed Powder N
- 15th Anniversary Cheeks
- 15th Anniversary Liquid Lips
- High Stylized Mascara SV
- Reusable Cosmetic pouch
Some of the limited edition colors that were also released, the nail polish colors are really in a unique shade that i myself even find it hard to name the particular colors.

Kanebo Lunasol is also making a special reward program for all their buyers where they collect the stamps with purchase of their products and when it is full (only 10 slots, that easy peasy!) all you have to do is check in your passport to the selected counters and stand a chance to win a trip to your dream destination in Japan.
Shopping and being rewarded for it, Lunasol you really caught my attention especially with the word 'Japan' (♥ω♥ ) ~♪.

These passport books are available at all Lunasol counters and with a minimal a purchase of RM400 worth of Kanebo products entitles you with 1 stamp!
  • 3 Stamps= 10 Kanebo points
  • 5 Stamps= 10 Kanebo points
  • 10 Stamps= 30 Kanebo points + FREE Cash voucher worth RM50.
Collect all 10 stamps you are entitled to participate in their Dream Trip Japan Passport Lucky Draw.

**Earn Bonus Stamps when you purchase any of their selected anniversary items (look out for them) every month.
Make sure to complete your passport and get it submitted before 30th June 2014

For more details on the Kanebo Lunasol, feel free to check out their websites
Official website: http://www.kanebo-my.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kanebomalaysia

Never knew Kampachi Restaurant existed lol 
Their Tamago even has their signature on it!

Cheers to Kanebo Lunasol for turning 15!
Charmaine and Ashley so cute la you girls XD

Lunchtime and enough said! :D
Hope you enjoyed the walkthrough of this event as much as i did. Don't forget to join their contest as they are granting one lucky shopper to their dream destination to Japan.

Can't wait to test this colors out >w< Thank you Kanebo Malaysia!


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