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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Be Beautiful & Confident with VEET!

What is your definition of Confidence and Beauty? 
Every one of us girls have our own unique way of interpreting this question but i see it as "Hair-free = Carefree".
Call me paranoid of all sorts when it comes to small body details like these, though many people might brush off leg hair as a normal part of your body's growth but i see it as an unattractive accessory on my skin.

See hair free and smooth legsssssssssssss ♥

Imagine yourself glammed up looking fabulous from head to toe and next thing you know the attention doesn't go to your clothes or efforts but the unruly sight of your leg hair >.<
Same concept goes to your armpits, to look good in sleeveless clothes you girls (and some metrosexual guys) would  shave right?
So your leg and other parts of your body hair deserves the same care as your armpits but by that i do not mean taking a huge shaver or razor to remove the hair because that would make things even more unpleasant like leaving stubs and scars (big eww).
That is why Depilatory Products were invented to overcome those pesky problems!
Those who do not know Veet don't be ashamed of yourselves because i too understand that beauty regime is one of those things not many girls out there practice.

So here is a short (sweet and simple) description on Veet!
  • Veet is the world’s No. 1 depilatory cream brand.
  •  It helps women radiate confidence and femininity by giving them, hair-free, beautifully smooth and touchable skin
  • Veet believes that a woman is most beautiful and desirable when she exudes confidence and femininity. As such, the brand uses its longstanding expertise in hair removal and continuous innovation to develop products that provide the best care ever for skin, helping women around the world to achieve beauty and confidence with hair-free, smooth and touchable skin.
  • The Veet Be Beautiful & Confident contest is a way of reinforcing this message among Veet users, women who appreciates the confidence and femininity they gain from hygienic hair-removal practice.

Veet is back girls with more surprises after their last competition which was the Veet It Off 2012, never thought i would have the honor of winning that contest really.
Ever since I've got to know such an effective depilatory product (though there are many other brands out there) I've never used any other aside from VEET (I swear! Lol).

Read about my Veet It Off journey here: http://www.arisachow.com/2012/12/veet-it-off-journey.html

So now since they are back with another round of surprise, i'm calling out all girls not to miss this exciting opportunity to get to know VEET more better and even win exciting makeovers with a special celebrity.
I won't say who because she is definitely a big surprise :-P  

Just run to your nearest pharmacy to get your hands on any one of Veet hair removal products with your RM5 voucher that is available on their Facebook page. Make sure to share the great news to your family and friends too, they will thank you for it! :)

Facebook: Veet Malaysia

Make sure to hurry because this special voucher is only valid till 31st Match 2014 and it's really worth using because 1 box of veet costs about RM12-14 (depending on size) with the RM5 discount you are only paying like half of it's original price.
Try it out yourselves and experience the hair-free moment where your skin looks extra bright and soft, trust me your skin would look 1-2 shades lighter without body hair XD

How to participate?
All you have to do is purchase Veet products worth RM15 and join their contest here: http://on.fb.me/1fhlO36

Upload your stunning photo!

Fill in your details and tell them why being "HAIR-FREE" is important to you :-) Be creative and witty here and who knows your answer might just catch their attention!

It's that simple, then click 'Submit'. Cross your fingers and hope you are selected as one of the lucky 10 winners that would win a n exclusive makeover session with a celebrity!
And when makeover it's not just how you look or dress, but she is also going to give you loads of tips and advices on how you can bring out your inner beauty. So it's like being a professional model for a day, isn't that exciting? :-)

Don't miss this opportunity for being supermodel for a day with........
Hint: (Izara A.....)


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