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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Perfect Couples with Pacific Coffee

How many of you claim to be coffee lovers or addicts out there? And please don't you dare say your favourite coffee is from Starbucks because i will give you a jigglypuff slap.
Starbucks isn't coffee, it's a lifestyle and honestly not to slander them or anything i always find their coffee too sweet thanks to their syrups :-/
Without syrups it's just basically ice blended stuff with a hint of coffee (tasteless, no coffee taste at all)

When i first came across Pacific Coffee last year by accident i never knew that this was the one and only time i swore never to go back to starbucks (unless no choice la lol).
I even recorded down my accidental discovery here: http://www.arisachow.com/2013/04/pretzels-and-good-coffee.html

So when this invitation came to me my reply was instantly "YES". The amazing rich coffee taste is just too tempting to resists. Thank you Pacific Coffee and Dila!!! xoxo

Though i am picky with my food and beverages i make it an exception to have my weekly dose of good coffee (fatin you seriously need to bring me to all the good coffee places! Haha) and  indulge on certain type of desserts  
Though this company is somewhat new compared to the other coffee joints out there life Coffeebean, Old Town, San Francisco..etc but i can see them steadily sprouting all over the city areas. Congrats to them on that!

This coffee session isn't about your usual cup of mocha or latte (those are mixtures) because we are going back to it's roots, the coffee blend themselves that produce a variety of taste hence making each coffee unique on it's own.
I mean without sugar or even milk to help tone down the taste, come one if you claim yourself as a coffee lover but you can't drink coffee on it's own that is a real insult :-P
Everyone takes their interest seriously (no kidding) same goes to cosplaying lol making your full costume and buying it ready made is so totally DIFFERENT.

Mike Yung, the ambassador of Pacific Coffee himself was present to even conduct this special session with us bloggers and medias. He flew all the way down from Canada just to be with us which i am most grateful for getting to meet and got loads of coffee related questions answered that night.

Say hello to Tiramisu, American Baked Cheesecake and Blueberry cheesecake

These are the 3 ladies that night was presented to us to pair with each specific blend of coffee which was the Costa Rica, Sumatra and Ethiopian Mocha, though there are so many kinds of coffee beans out there in this world i don't think we can sum it up within this hour long session lol.

But all these coffee beans are considered on of the main pillars in coffee making as each of them originated from different countries hence their texture and richness all varies.

Sumatra blend is obviously originated from Indonesia (duh!) which has a complex herbal and earthy aspect with a strong aroma but  nonetheless of the complexity it has a very CLEAR taste. Apparently the best way to compliment your cup of Sumatra blends is having a nutty/ creamy (can be both) desserts such as the Tiramisu.
Though tiramisu was originally supposed to be soaked in alcohol but here we soak them in Coffee instead  :D 

Ethiopian Mocha blends are more naturally processed compared to Sumatra and Costa Rica, it is rich and fully bodied coffee with an exceedingly low acidity. Considered to be strong yet on a light side among all coffee blends we tried that night.
Best paired with Blueberry cheesecake to enhance the coffee's fruity fragrance.

Costa Rica is my personal Fav!

Last but not least, the Costa Rica the beautiful tropical Island of all coffee beans this one is slightly special because it's blended with maple syrup and herbal notes to enhance it's natural sweet and bold richness. With a noticeable amount of high acidity  with one sip but the flavour can be easily tasted, not such a complex blend but to balance out it's acidity best paired with a creamy American Baked Cheesecake. Another option if you are lactose intolerant or not a fan of dairy it also goes well with Chocolate desserts (dark is the best).

So how well do you exactly know what's in your cup of coffee? :-P
We now know that pacific coffee uses the best quality coffee blends to make our coffees!

More details visit their website: http://www.pacificcoffee.com/
and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pacificcoffee

This is not a paid advertorial but based on my own personal preference in taste and brands :) Cheers!


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