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Tesco Home Delivery Services

Here is my sincere review on tesco online's latest home delivery services, well it's not exactly new but i always never see the point of purchasing stuff online especially groceries because the risk of it being not fresh or damaged is high. But this i was proven wrong after that night of randomly browsing through my galaxy life app to see if there were any new updates since my last visit.
Those are one of the random things i'll do when i can't sleep (play with phone) it's a bad habit but i have no regrets stumbling upon this deal by Galaxy Life App :D

Disclaimer: First of all i would like to make things clear that this is my very own personal experience and it's not a paid nor advertorial sponsored post ok! I do write things i want to write in my blog because it's basically my online diary except everybody can view it LOL.

Anyway back to where i left off  on the surprise discovery, i do my own grocery shopping weekly whenever i can. I do try to avoid the malls during weekends because it's always packed with humans though the best discount deals are always set on a saturday and sunday (bugger them =_=) Anyway most of my work requires me to be out and about most of the time so whenever i see a good deal on grocery items i would take that advantage to get it on the spot rather than buy a whole week supply in one go.

Try putting yourself in my shoes la, having to walk all the time and reply on public transport while holding an umbrella. It's difficult but i am always amazed with myself how i managed to carry more than 2-5kg worth of groceries back home every single time. Ain't exaggerating about the weight because one of the reasons why is i always get myself a tub of plain yogurt weighing 1.5kg and you can start adding on the fruits, other stuff aside from just food items like detergent..etc oTL

Try taking public transport,  walking about 1-2km home from the nearest station holding this much of stuff. Bet you can't! Pffft.

Sometimes i even carry home a tray of 30 eggs without cracking them! I remember that day so clearly when i was in Mid valley suppose to get a few groceries when i saw the promotion in Jusco, RM9.90 for a tray of Grade A eggs (which are the largest). Ended up with an extra item in my hands as i had to struggle back to wangsa maju lrt while holding all those things + an umbrella + handbag.
You can suggest for me to easily take a taxi back but who are you kidding? Taxi these days are literally throat slitting lecherous services that purposely take longer roads, with tolls or jam just to purposely charge you extra =_= and from MV to wangsa maju the price could have easily reached RM20+ wtf.

Instead i would rather wait for the free shuttle bus from MV to bangsar and take a train back home (about RM2+) and a RM1 bus ride to my housing area. Total damage = RM4 + Bonus (lots of exercise).
See how much i save? Not being scrooge but it's called being thrifty when needed, sometimes we have to sacrifice comforts in life in order to survive.

So when i first read about Tammy's experience on her open house shopping experience last year where she got cartons loads of drinks delivered to her door step which i personally think it's super convenient because first of all she doesn't drive nor owns a car and imagine you having to carry so many cartons of drinks from the cashier to the car park and lastly to your house. Think your arm would have also broke off already.
Read about it here: http://www.plusizekitten.com/2013/08/tesco-online-shopping-malaysia.html

Same case goes to me, no car so shopping for certain heavy bulky items is always a problem :-(
With our horrible water rationing (hopefully it ends soon) i can't buy bottles of 1.5L water and carry them back on my own though i live very near paradigm and 1utama.
So happen as i was browsing my Samsung Galaxy Life App (available for all Samsung devices), i saw Tesco Online was one of their merchants and they were having a promotions specially for all Galaxy Life App users which was FREE SHIPPING (worth RM10) and it's not only 1 time it's x3!! So you can use your code up to 3 times.

Didn't really have to do much and i was pretty skeptical about ordering stuff from Tesco after my last food poisoning experience where they sold long expired goods on their shelves and i did not even realized it :-/
Can't blame a hungry person right?
But i am willing to give them a second chance since it's pretty common for stores to be careless of their goods especially since it's one of those items where they rarely restock due to the small market demand.
Yosh! Here goes my ordering :D

Desperately needed this for work at and i got this for a whooping saving price for only RM9.90 thanks to Tesco's e-shop promotion. Do take note that some of their promotions are only valid for certain time period, so do carefully read before adding them into your basket or shopping list.

I saw a few stuff going of a very good price on http://eshop.tesco.com.my/ like my favorite muesli cereal that was originally priced around RM22 a box (insane expensive wtf) but it was selling for RM11 only! I thought that this promotion applies to their walk in stores as well but thank god I asked Tammy before blindly going to Tesco myself @_@ Thanks mama-san!
Apparently all the promotions Tesco Malaysia offers in their E-Shop only applies there, means if you go to the nearest Tesco, you won't be able to find the same price offered online.
But i don't need so many boxes of cereals!!! Lol.

See how fresh the grapes are! *thumbs up for Tesco*

So then i was wondering what else should i get aside from just that since the free shipping code only applies with minimal purchase of RM100.
After almost 45 minutes still haven't reached the quota yet then i made up my mind to gamble with my chances on getting fresh produce items to see whether it's worth getting or not. If it's not at least i know they are not reliable on fresh items lol and boy i was sure glad i took that gamble.

Booked my delivery time slot which they surprisingly came on time too.

Yes, i act like a Jakun because this is my first time getting groceries delivered to my house lol

Apparently you don't have to necessary take all the stuff you ordered if you changed your mind last minute but please don't be an ass and abuse this -_-
Sometimes stuff you ordered they don't have it with stock but they will bring similar replacements ranging around the same price. You can either choose to accept or reject them anyway those weren't the initial stuff you wanted.

I got 2 off my stuff supposedly replaced like this Tuna in Brine and Tesco Granola, but didn't want them cuz i originally ordered Tuna in water and Dorsett's muesli.
Don't worry, you won't get charged for the items you ordered but didn't received lol if not i also flip table liao.
They will just minus off those items, recalculate and give provide you with your latest bill total.

Payment can be easily settled by credit/debit cards

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! All my stuff came (except 2 items) in very good condition, FRESH and nothing damaged (including tray of eggs). Haha i got all the stuff on promotion price from http://eshop.tesco.com.my/, was a great deal and not to mention i not only save money but also time spent around travelling up and down.
Online shopping no longer just for clothes liao lololol, food also can get XD

If you are not satisfied with your items you can always call up their customer service for a return or exchange.
I made sure to check the bloody expiry dates on all my items this time and luckily none of them expired though i honestly think that the expiry dates for the muesli i bought was abit too near like less than 2 months? If i am not mistaken this stuff usually last for a year but at half a price i guess this was clearance stock?

I do wish they would mention that on their E-shop instead of just stating it's promotional price offer. Mislead people only le when you do things like that :-/ 
Now i have to finish all these before May since now it's already going to be April -_- wut..eat muesli everyday until puke lol.
Should i call them in to complain about this? What say you guys?

Oh!a token of appreciation from Tesco, thanks i needed more dishwasher soap as i just ran out of it 8D

If you are a samsung user go download galaxy life app here: http://bit.ly/GALAXYlife
And not only that they are constantly updating with new promotions or exclusive offers just for Galaxy Life App users like this Buy 1- Free- 1 all you can eat pizza.

Hope this review is useful! Cheers ;-)



  1. But shop online can't check on the expiry date and the freshness of the greens and fruits :(

    1. That's what i thought also that is why i ordered both fresh and packaged goods to compare :) so far seems good!

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  3. Hi.. Have u ever bought fish? Do tesco help to clean the fish as well?


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