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TOKUTOKUYA @ Ikano Power Center

It's one of those random days where i go to a starbucks to do my work because sitting next to my bed is too distracting lol and yesterday i went to Ikano to settle coffee meeting with some people and finish up my work can say i spent almost my whole day at IPC starbucks until butt also cramped.

My deepest condolences to the families and friends that were lost in MH370. At least we know Father almighty they are eternally safe with you under your wings. 

But before that headed up to the huge ass popular bookstore on the top most floor of IPC and honestly i have never been to the other end of that floor aside just from going to popular lololol.
Out of curiosity since there was so many arcade games there for kids (and also a Toys R' us) i walked to the other end and guess my curiosity didn't kill me this time *phew!* because i found a new gold mine in Damansara.

If you have one of those days where you are at Ikea and want to pack back some meatballs but no container, don't worry. You don't have to run to The Curve, Daiso anymore for a RM5 tupperware lol because in IPC itself already has their own "Daiso". It may not be as big as Daiso but at least knowing they bring in other items at different price ranges gives us buyers a better option and a better variety too.

What surprised me even more that even the Japanese folks around damansara area comes here to shop, so you get to see lil Japanese kids running around asking their moms to buy them toys XD

Looks exactly like a Daiso just a smaller version but the stuff in there can beat Daiso anytime liao XD Just give them a few more months to settle in and i am pretty sure Tokutokuya won't disappoint you.

Large household appliances like rice cookers, thermos, kettles..etc are also available there but do take note that this is not a RM5 store as they carry in many types of items with different price ranges. Anyway i noticed most of the basic stuff here is priced around RM4.90 which is 10 cents cheaper than Daiso. It's literally a 100 Yen shop. 

Food items are also available, and this is the first time I have seen a pokemon curry! XD 
So cute! Oh and if you are a fan of the ghost series "Gegege No Kitaro" they are selling limited collector's edition soft drink cans for RM6.90 (comes in 3-4 designs)

Read before purchasing to avoid any misunderstandings ya.

They even have a special section dedicated to Sanrio merchandises, even though i am not much of a fan of the color pink but i gotta to admit that every frigging Sanrio fan should just raid this place. They sell authentic sanrio merchandise that is only available in Japan like the limited edition Hello Kitty cooking pots with bow lids more than you can find anywhere in Malaysia.

 I got myself a few items because i 'paiseh' browse the shop for almost an hour and 'curi-curi' take photos some more lol. And those weren't just random impulse purchase, managed to get some stuff i needed at a decent price and total damage was less than RM15 *woots*

I've been always breaking my Daiso RM5 mirror TT__TT and saw this cute designed one is Tokutokuya :D

Located near Toys R' us and the arcade on the top floor of Ikano Power Center 

They also have a bring your own shopping bag policy because they charge extra 20 cents for every plastic bag used ;)
A great way to save the environment instead of just having a "Saturday plastic bag free day" which i don't find it much use because people would still actually pay 20 cents for plastic bags. So much for trying to "SAVE". Lol.

Just another random update lol okay..back to work oTL


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