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Etude House Magic Any cushion Launch

Speaking of Macaroons are the inspiration for Etude House’s latest Magic any cushion, how funny of it that my laptop wallpaper are also pastel colored macaroons right now. Much De javu *doge face*

Thank you Etude house for this private party launch where I got to learn about Korea’s latest make up trends and more about Magic any cushion. Their previous generation of any cushion was a full coverage all in one compact  foundation +powder texture for a complete coverage.
In Korea where most Asian cosmetic and fashion trends originated from aside from Japan like how they made puffy eyebags look the “IN” thing last year lol but this year it’s back to basics all about natural beauty, no heavy colours but except pastel-ish neon shades for their lip tints which works as an eyeshadow and blusher too (this is what I call literally, 3-in-1 lol)

Magic Any cushion is designed with 3 different shades to target specific skin types whether you are tan,  fair or blemished hence that is the reason why these cute compacts (that looks like macaroons) come in pastel green, pink and peach. For those make up junkies would be very familiar with these colors as most cosmetics bases comes in these 3 different shades to target specific skin problems.

Green as we all know are suitable for people who have reddish skin, the colored green balances out the redness leaving your skin less blotchy.
Pink is for people with normal pale skin type giving a healthy glow, I think this is suitable for people who wakes up super early in the morning lol
As for peach colored one is targeted with people with dull skin types, so if you have haggard tired looking skin go for the peach!

This isn’t like their first generation where it’s used as a full coverage item but this is actually to correct your current skin condition allowing you to achieve a natural healthy look instead of using foundation and powder which tends to leave your face looking very “cakey”
Can be used as a highlighter too which I am amazed because usually when it comes to highlighters the first thing we think off are shimmery pearl like powders you find in the contouring palettes but as for magic any cushion it highlights the area you one with a natural glow instead of the usual unnatural like shimmer.

By the way if you guys are worried that it is only for fair (Chinese) skin please don’t, because it’s natural color texture instantly blends to suit any skin tone J which makes it a good thing as our country is multiracial.

Priced at RM119.90 each, available at all Etude house outlets.
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Dewy clean and fresh face is a look I would want to have every day instead of looking like a dead zombie, hallelujah for new revolution of cosmetics. I have a confession I think every since now pressed powders can be used 2 ways (foundation & powder) I rarely touch my foundation liao unless I am doing photoshoots or cosplay which requires more coverage XD

"How often do you girls touch your foundations?"


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