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[REVIEW] SKIN & LAB Dr.Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask

From many types of cloth mask that was introduced in 2013-2014 is now fading as the beauty trend is now turning to clay masks filled with organic glacial clay proven by research to help tighten/ refine pores and reduce excess sebum excretion.

Though I personally have never feel the need to turn to these kind of mask solutions as it tends to be harsh for normal to oily combination skin but I would only use them at my T-Zone area at most because that is where the pores are noticeable and tends to get oily very fast. Blessed that my cheeks don’t have that problem lol.

Rather than paying a hefty sum to go facial treatment in those facial spas/saloons that most probably uses the same kind of textured mask probably just packaged differently as each outlet has their own distributor, I would rather do this at the comforts of my home where I am able to multitask while waiting for the clay mask to dry. Rather than wasting my time lying down on the bed in the facial spas/saloon and not being able to budge till the whole treatment is done -_-

Many thanks to Natta Cosme for supporting my blog over the years by providing the best skin care products any girl can ask for.

Remember the blogpost I had about a similar clay mask by GlamGlow last year? It has somewhat almost the same functions, in fact it is more affordable alternative compared to GlamGlow (sold in Sephora) and available on Natta Cosme website, their physical store is based in Seremban!

One of the new products they brought in last year December (2014) was Skin & Lab Glacial Clay Facial Mask which states on the packaging that it is meant for purifying, cooling and pore refining with ingredients of glacial clay and oatmeal (yummy). Brought in from Korea, as we all know Koreans are basically experts with Asian skin problems so their product is usually very effective on our skin compared to western products, same goes to cosmetics but that is just my observance la! Lol.

Upon testing this Glacial Mask, there is a minor sharp pain like feeling which is somewhat common when we use certain skin products. Don’t worry, it is normal shows that the mask is activating your pores for cleansing process but it decreases gradually in a minute or so :-)

P/S: But if you do have very bad skin problems or bigger pores it might sting slightly more.

The overall drying process only takes approximately 6-10 minutes before it completely hardens, with that it is a signal for you to wash off the mask with water. Easily removed with water and a gentle massaging to get rid of unwanted dirt and dead skin after drying you can completely feel the difference of before and after! Best finished off with Skin & Lab’s Dr Color Effect Red Serum for better radiance.

Looks much radiant and supple in fact one shade lighter than before (no kidding) and nope it’s not lighting effect lol. The refreshed, cool and clean skin feeling would give you confidence of going out bare-faced instead of piling on some make up. Heck, it even makes make up application much smoother and longer lasting but trust me you only need really REALLY minimal make up because there is barely anything to hide :D

From my experience people with decent skin condition only need to use this once (1) a week, if not your skin will start to flake for those with extra oily skin you can use them twice (2) a week to control your skin oil secretion, hope this review is helpful for all those out there who always wanted to give clay masks a try but couldn’t find high quality yet affordable priced ones ;)

Purchase them here with the links below :-

SKIN & LAB Dr.Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask:  RM71

SKIN & LAB Dr. Color Effect Red Serum: RM150http://www.nattacosme.com/073-Brand/404-skin-lab/SKIN-LAB-Dr-Color-Effect-Red-Serum

Website: http://www.nattacosme.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NattaCosme

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