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Fashionably KL Pop Up Stores X Parkamaya

Yes, I am still not over KL fashion week because fashion is all year round don't you guys agree? ;-)
Did you guys enjoyed the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week: Ready To Wear held in pavilion for the past 5 days? Because i know i did! Never in my life i've seen so many fashion lovers in one place coming together to witness KL's biggest fashion event ever.
And Parkamaya in Fahrenheit 88 is no different to join in the fashion week fun as well collaborating with local designers to showcase their collections under parkamaya's roof.

Models parading some of the designer's best pieces during the fashion show. Damn.. all the models make the garments they wear look so good lol but if i were to wear them i'll look weird lol.

Parkamaya is Malaysia's biggest Asian Retail concept store that houses over 50 brands from Japan, Singapore, Thailand and last but not least Malaysia.
They offer every kind of needs of a fashionista ranging from clothes to accessories, beauty, health & wellbeing (need to take care of our looks also k? lol) and even food & beverages.

The line up of local designers that parkamaya will be featuring from 11th- 31st August 2015 are : Soonatu, Nasty Inc, Joey'L, Jimmy Lim, Andy Bandy, Giddy Up, RDKL, Chiyo and Jeeny C.
If you love fashion, please do support our local designers as they bring to you affordable, unique fashion pieces with a designer label :)

First introducing Giddy Up, a women's shoewear brand brought to you by 2 pretty ladies Pamela Choong (local celebrity) and Christina Lee. High heels are essentials in every girl's wardrobe but it can be a real pain on the feet so these 2 inspiring ladies have found a solution by incorporating comfort into fashionable looking heels.
So now you can rock your look without having to bear the pain of aches & blisters!
Personally, i find it hard to believe that high heels can be made "comfortable" as i get blisters from FLATS & sandals too :-/ 
Even with the softest leather, hide or suede, any friction caused with instantly get my feet blistering. Guess my feet is EXTRA sensitive compared to most girls and that's ironic because you guys mostly see me in high heels, so imagine the pain i have to put up with all the time just to look pretty? :)
If these high heels are really that comfortable i would definitely like a pair for my shoes collection lol.

While you are there, do give their signature durian high heels a try as it's one of a kind lol works well for self defense if you are going on a girl's night out XD
Kick'em in the groin girls!

Next is Joey'L Fashion concept by Raffles graduate Joey Lim, a simple basic essential ready to wear collection that every girl needs in her wardrobe. With many achievements up her sleeve this young designer is making her stand here in the fashion industry with her clothing line.
It's all about individuality and personality that defines her brand with pieces that are practical made easy for mixing & matching.

There were a few designers that wasn't able to be present that day like Jimmy lim, Mie from Rare Clothing and Andy Yap from Andy Bandy, but nonetheless you are able to shop their collections in parkamaya till 31st August.
I pretty much like Jimmy Lim and Andy Bandy's pieces because their aesthetic kinda screams my kind of style with prints, big boxy silhouettes yet still maintaining its classy look.

Finally got to meet Isabel Lam, founder and designer for CHIYO a very quirky and fun fashion brand definitely with a unique sense of fashion. So if you are aiming to dress out of the norm, try CHIYO!
They will make you stand out in a good way, shows that you are bold, playful and young.
CHIYO's latest collection revolves around geometry, architecture and is highly influenced by Japan's eccentric street style (the loose clothing & multiple layerings) all made from linen and other comfy materials. Sounds like me on my rest days especially on weekends, instead of tight clothes I've always prefered shift dresses or loose cuttings :D

Nasty Inc, founded by a group of friends with unique differences but agreeable in on one thing- street culture which plays a huge role in their brand. Nasty Inc represent the rebels in society's norm with their all black themed collection and statement prints.  

Moving on to Soonaru, brand designed by 2 talented ladies who knows what every girl would want to have in her wardrobe. Down to earth Jeyanthy was there to tell us abit about their collection and as you can see she is a real nice and shy gal with good taste for colours and prints.
Designing women's wear isn't something easy as it seems to be, aiming to be unique yet cost friendly and practical but Soonaru has overcome those obstacles. Not to mention they recently launched their latest season collection during KLFW, so you'll soon see them on their racks fresh off the runway.

Each collection from Soonaru is conceptualised and crafted to represent the duo's travels, making their collections like a "wearable history". So every release will be a different story but still maintaining Soonaru's trademark comfort & charismatic designs.

Current collection filled with pop fun pastel colours were in collaboration with Zalora.

After all those talk about clothes how can we not forget about accessories, one of the most important essentials to complete every fashionista's look.
Their motto "Life is Too Short to wear Boring Jewelry", JeenyC a statement accessories brand that guarantees to bring you uniques quality pieces that makes you stand out from the rest of the local accessories you find out there.
Bringing you wearable jewelry for every occasion, JeenyC's brand is sourced globally for individualistic pieces that ensures their wearers will definitely make a fashion statement with their accessories even with the most basic #OOTDs.

It's all about styling that makes a person shine in fashion, you can wear a plain cotton T-shirt and jeans but still look street fashion photography worthy with some styling & accessorizing.

My favourite piece from JeennyC.

And there you have it, the line of brands ready to take on Parkamaya this August. If you are so happened to be around the area, drop by and try the clothes on :)
Who knows you might find something that suits you or if you are feeling adventurous try getting a piece that is fresh of the runway and rock it like how you are supposed to! 
Not everyday you get to bring home a runway piece that is affordably priced but in Parkamaya it's where fashion is made for everyone to discover and afford.
So be a trendsetter in your group of friends, show them your fashion loving passion and don't be afraid. After all, who are we to judge one's uniqueness? ;-)

More details for Fashionably KL Pop Up Stores X Parkamaya visit:-

Thanks for the invite Parkamaya!


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