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Hydra Quench with Clinic MF

How well do you know your skin? I personally think I know my skin well enough till I went for a consultation with the doctor at Clinic MF last week, too my dismay I found out about my current skin condition despite it looking normal and decent for someone my age. Anyway my is somewhat considered “normal” as I have a balance of large & small pores, pimples (sometimes occasional acne too) but overall nothing something I would complain about, in fact I am BLESSED lol.

But after having that fruitful consultation with my doctor she recommended me this Hydro Quench program, even though it’s usually recommended towards people with slightly more aging skin (late 20s & above) but it’s never too early to start rejuvenating your skin to prevent unwanted skin aging problems like wrinkles or pigmentation.
Finally all those stuff I learnt in Science class makes a lot of sense especially about our skin and the layers beneath it if not all this science talk might leave me totally confused.

I am pretty sure all of you have heard of “Hyaluronic Acid”, in fact it’s one of the main key ingredient found in MOST beauty products and cosmetics as its sole function is to help your skin retain moisture.

“Hyaluronic Acid” is actually something produced naturally by our body which slowly wears out as we age but with our Malaysian weather and constant sun exposure it loses its natural “Hyaluronic Acid” x10 times faster than average. It’s true when one says that our surroundings and food intake affect our skin condition.

But here is a consumer fact that we do not know, that actually though with all the skincare benefits we have in one bottle of moisturizer/ tonner/ etc it is actually somewhat not so effective as claimed to be. Want to know why? It’s because the molecules in the products are by right too compact for our tiny skin pores to absorb completely. Whether in liquid form, spray, cream, all those works only on the surface but not on the inside, that is why you still get pre-matured aging skin problems despite claiming to take extra care of your skin with all sorts of products.

So with Hydra Quench, it’s a method of directly injecting the “Hyaluronic Acid” into your skin for more maximised effectiveness in terms of repairing skin cells.
This also prepares your skin for any upcoming treatments as it can be considered as a foundation treatment.

· Smoothen Skin
· Refined pores
· Natural healthy glow
· Smoothen wrinkle/ fine lines
· Excellent hydration effect
To be honest I was kinda perplexed of having the idea of sticking a needle multiple times into my face but yea, it wasn’t too bad as I thought. Pain was completely bearable thanks to the numbing cream and after treatment results (injection marks) wouldn’t be so obvious but do note that it might appear a slight noticeable blotchy-ness, but that also depends on how individuals skin reacts to it la but the swelling will wear off within 30 mins to an hour (60mins). For more visible results it takes over a week, so hang in there and let the Hydra Quench do it work .

For more details or consultations feel free to contact them  here: Clinic MF

Clinic by Marie France
Tel : 03-2288 8328
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClinicMF

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