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Klarity Lasertox V-line Shape Up Review

Remember the post i made about losing 1 inch off my chubby chin in 5 days? This blog post wasn't something i thought of doing as previously i was doing this JUST for a contest but something went wrong on the Singapore side which left me quite upset but sigh... I'll because this product is really that effective, so here i am sharing with you guys :)
I am the skeptical kind of audience that is very hard to convince in any type of marketing gimmicks because seriously, I'll only believe it if i've experienced it myself, if not your words are just plain bullshit to me lol.
No wonder sales people don't like me because i tend to bombard them with so many questions till they regret approaching me in the first place haha!

Yep, started off with 9 inch and after consecutive days of using Klarity Lasertox, i lost 1 inch off my face. Personally i don't think it's burning any fats from my jawline area or cheeks except eliminating water retention that causes us to be bloated at times. If you want to burn fats best go to gym to burn them off lol, no easy way out but these days there are so many tempting shortcuts to achieving your  "ideal" beauty standard (or the world's?) so i don't blame you if you want to try them out lol.

This product might seem like a typical face slimming marketing gimmick like the rest but rest assured it's been proven and tested 100% by me with a testimonial, so if you have any questions about this feel free to drop me a comment below and i'll get back to you.

Upon receiving this pitiful lost parcel from Singapore (long story), i couldn't wait to try it out as i've seen some review on girls who actually bought them from Luxola, love luxola's website because that's where you can get genuine reviews from actual customers rather than paid/ bribed to sugarcoat reviews. Though there isn't many reviews still it was convincing compared to Klarity's mabassador who has a really fake looking V- chin that looks like one of those plastic surgery templates lol.
Don't be surprise, alot of girls these days in Malaysia & singapore are openly getting their nose, jaw & chin done to make them look "more attractive" ew. To me you all look the same after surgery, the end lol.

Klarity Lasertox V-line Shape Up has 2 type of packages, one is the starter kit which includes the jaw lifter strap piece + 5 mask sheet + firming cream which is priced at RM189.
You can get it from Luxola which has free shipping for purchases above RM80. This product is something i would definitely repurchase near future (on my 2nd pack now) and the refill kit which consists of 5 mask sheet and a tube of firming cream for RM132.50.

I like masks that don't restrict me from doing my work because 10 minutes sitting down doing nothing can drive me insane lol.

How does this mask exactly works? 
Upon application, you will feel a slight burning (or stinging) sensation which people usually associate with "fats burning" and this lasts for about the whole 20- 30 minutes. But honestly i think the burning is just making my face sweat instead of my fats melting lol, also feels kinda itchy but the bearable kind.
Each session it's advisable to use a maximum of 30 minutes, not more which i am not sure why but yea the longer you use you will feel very uncomfortable as the strap lifting your face will start to add stress to your chin & ears.

p/s: Take note that the mask is very rich with serum, don't waste it as there are still plenty left in the packaging! Use the remaining serum to rub them all over your neck and collarbone area as this serum can hydrate skin and enhance blood circulation.

Benefits of Klarity Lasertox V-line Shape Up (taken from website)
  • Velvet silicone belt fits perfectly along the V-line
  • Reduces double chin
  • Enhances blood circulation and water distribution in skin tissue
  • Hydrates skin from deep within
  • Promotes skin firmness and slims the face
  • Hydrates skin from deep within
  • Restores skin's firmness to lift the oval of the face 
  • Creates a small-face, V-contour effortlessly with no down time
Are results permanent?
Obviously NO. Lol. It's just to aid you on achieving your ideal face shape but nonetheless i think it will work if you use this product long term like how all aesthetic clinics recommend you to use their services long term in order to see obvious and longer lasting results.

In my video, you can see how i applied the Lasertox strap effortlessly as it's held together with a velcro. Don't worry as this fits all face sizes as it is also slightly adjustable.

If the price wasn't too steep i would use this product religiously to get a V-shape face man, but if 5 days program costs RM132.50, that is really too expensive to continue so hence after my 2nd pack i won't be getting my 3rd pack anytime soon unless they mau sponsor me la lol XD
I don't mind being guinea pig to test this product out long term to actually see whether the results are as they claimed to be.

More details about Klarity visit them on their website: https://klaritysg.wordpress.com/ or facebook page for daily updates: https://www.facebook.com/klaritysg

Disclaimer: Well..i might be abit pokaii but at least i know my money was well spent on a product that actually works :)


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