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L'Oréal Paris Hydra Fresh Range Review: Smooth & Bouncy skin

It's been a horrible month of breakouts since end of july till today but thank god it has started to subside >.< I previously always mentioned how blessed i am to have "good skin" compared to most people so when a cluster f*ck happens on my face imagine the panic and situation i am in.
Completely helpless, everything i do seems to agitate it even more :-(
Plus the pimple creams i've been using all over has been making my skin look dry and haggard due to it's strong formula. Not to mention, pimple scars on my face caused my by itchy hands trying to "help" it =.= stupid hands.

Who here has experienced a similar problem? There is a period of time where you are suddenly attacked by clusters lol. So not fun i tell ya.

But throughout my troubled skin period i was using L'Oréal Paris Hydra Fresh Range to keep my skin hydrated as it's one of L'Oréal Paris's breakthrough hydration skincare product in the market shelves today which people have been raving about it's waterlike texture and the miraculous results it produces.
Don't believe me just search this hashtag:  #smoothbouncyskin

See? No foundation or powder used, just natural sunlight.
But you can still see the scars caused by the clusters all over my chin area.

Have to thank L'Oréal Paris team who contributed big time for my recent smooth, refreshed and bouncier skin! After 4 weeks+ of using their Hydra Fresh Range, there are remarkable results such as suppleness and better elasticity.
And this is the first time i am actually going through a proper skincare regime that requires me to use toner and moisturizer after cleansing, not to mention a daily night mask lol.
The thought of it already made me lazy but hey, if i want my skin to recover better be rajin sikit.
Hydra Fresh range is available in a complete set as in facial cleanser, toner, day time mask and night mask (kisao man.. 2 masks a day @@)

They are first ever I've actually heard off to create facial masks that you can leave on without wiping it off, i mean that makes life so much easier, even wearing sheet masks also i malas because i have to remove them after 15-20 minutes but usually lupa la because fall asleep with it on lol.
It's also like a "moisturizer" but with a lil more "omph"to keep your skin lock and  moisturized the whole day.

True enough results started showing after 4 weeks, my scars are still around but at least it's fading, plus i have lesser fine lines when i smile (no kidding) not to say i am old with wrinkles but everyone has fine lines all over their face which becomes more obvious especially if you wear make up (foundation & powder). 
Now applying on make up becomes even more flawless but i prefer to flaunt my fresh bouncy skin now, so pardon me if i start taking photos without any make up lol.

First let me into the toner, it's a hydration spa water that literally leaves you face feeling squeaky clean, take cotton pad apply this and wipe all over your face (you know the drill). Then before you throw the cotton pad take a look at it :P
Love the water like texture that doesn't leave your face sticky once it's dry, yea most beauty products in the market now claim to be "water based, fast drying & non sticky/ oily" but all those are just marketing gimmicks =.= 
But with L'Oréal Paris Hydra Fresh Toner, confirm no sticky feeling, bonus the scent for this range is really delectable!
Can't exactly make up what's the scent but yea.. the scent somehow reminds me of these two words "juicy & bouncy" lol. Don't ask me why, just go smell it and you'll know what i am talking about.

Honestly me no likey the day mask a.k.a gel, used after the toner. Because it feels sticky with abit of weight on my face even with the most minimal amount used. Usually would skip this if i had to put on make up because my face is already heavy enough with make up and sunscreen on, wouldn't need extra weight on it please lol.
But on days off i wouldn't mind using this except it makes my face oilier than it already has :-/
My skin is a combination of dry & oily (contradicting, i know) T-zone area obviously the oily zone meanwhile my cheeks are usually normal-ish. Upon using this my whole face jadi shiny (oily) after 2-3 hours, is that normal? But rest assure even if this product is semi-rich, it doesn't cause any breakouts or clogged pores so those with dry skin or work in air conditioned places might like to try this.

My favourite out of the whole range! The smell is seriously a perfect for calming the mind before bedtime, and it's jelly like texture makes absorption fast. Think aside from the toner spa water, this night time mask is the only one i use every night without fail and the next morning confirm your skin will feel super supple, like newborn baby's butt! Lol.
I would recommend people who always sleep in air conditioned room to use this, as i do too myself ever since i moved into my new place. Every morning without this, my skin would feel seriously dry and haggard making makeup application harder to set on skin :-/

Overall this stuff works la per say~ so if you are always having tired and dry skin that makes your pores, wrinkles and other skin problems more obvious then it's best to give this Hydra Fresh Range a try :-)
Best part is, it is darn affordable. Not the super duper expensive skincare brand and easily available at your local leading pharmacies like Guardian and Watsons. Plus now they have instore promotions due to Merdeka celebration :D
Better take this time to swipe this range at a discounted price and trust me you wouldn't be disappointed with it's texture and results!

Now to thank you guys for reading my super long post, i have a lil giveaway for you all! 
I'll be giving away one (1) set of L'Oréal Paris Hydra Fresh Hydration + Antiox Active Mask-In Water Gel & Jelly worth RM70++, so you can also have juicy and bouncy skin like me!

All you have to do is leave a comment below answering this question "what's L'Oréal Paris Hydra Fresh hashtag?" with your email** Deadline: 16th September 2015

**This giveaway is only opened to participants with a Malaysian address. Sorry international readers! Next time k? :-(

Disclaimer: Products might be sponsored that that doesn't affect my honest opinion towards the product and this giveaway is strictly not affiliated to L'Oréal Paris or any other parties. See, i so nice to do giveaway from my own account :P So please do support by joining!



  1. I really, really ,really want to try this... is I can cause it sounds so amazing from your descriptions........

    "what's L'Oréal Paris Hydra Fresh hashtag?" mieratan@gmail.com

  2. #smoothbouncyskin is the hashtag
    Hope I win this he he


    Kolin zainal

  3. #smoothbouncyskin is the answer!
    Thanks for this giveways, Purple is my favorite color this series looks like super tempting for me!!


  4. The color of this series is so nice. Thanks for sharing. And the answer: #smoothbouncyskin sinyee.yong@gmail.com

  5. #smoothbouncyskin

    Jessie koo
    Thanks dear

  6. #smoothbouncyskin

    Jessie koo
    Thanks dear

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    1. Answer: #smoothbouncyskin

      Email: sharynnling.sl@gmail.com


      i have added on G+ and Insta as well ya :) feel free to follow me ^^

  8. Thanks for your own sponsorship.
    The answer is #smoothbouncyskin
    My email: jayjaysee123@excite.com
    I tried the Antiox Active Mask-In Water Gel & Jelly sample few weeks ago. I can't say much because I only used it for once. But, one thing for sure, no redness after I applied.

  9. The answer is smoothbouncyskin!
    Can't wait to try this, and the colour is so sweet! Love it! Thanks!
    My Email: ngsinzou@gmail.com

  10. I'm having combination skin also, their hydra fresh like super moisture, I'm sure our skin can stay flawless all the time with Loreal Paris Hydra Fresh range, btw great review!

    Try my luck on this giveway, the hashtag is #smoothbouncyskin! Email: jacqueline_khoo89@hotmail.com Thanks ya dear! Follow you btw ;)

  11. nice giveaway, hehe.. I have combination skin as well. This range looks suitable for me, hope to try it.

    the hashtag is #smoothbouncyskin email sherrygo@hotmail.com

  12. I know I know'!! It's #smoothbouncyskin!


  13. #smoothbouncyskin for the win yay!


    Would love to give this product a try on my combination skin :)

  14. #smoothbouncyskin is the answer. Hoyeaaaaaa. Hope I get this one. Wanna give it a try!


  15. you're really nice to be doing giveaways on your own accord. Clap clap clap :)

    nice seeing your reviews, so it takes nearly a month or so to see results and blog about it. What happens if you are reviewing multiple facial products at the same time? Or that will never happen.

  16. Wow! I like the light purple of this range of product : )
    The answer is #smoothbouncyskin
    Email: siennylovesdrawing@outlook.com

  17. #smoothbouncyskin!!!
    You made me so tempted to get them to try!! :)
    email: eijgniy@gmail.com

  18. OMG! I waaanntttt! A leave in mask! Brilliant! Ur fav out of the whole range even looks lovely in pink!
    #smoothbouncyskin I seriously waaanntt
    Email me sebrinah.yeo@gmail.com tqtqtq

  19. Loreal products are always nice yet affordable, glad they came out with this hydration range, coz every where i go people are just saying need to hydrate hydrate hydrate, it's really the way to beautiful skin again. L'Oréal Paris Hydra Fresh hashtag is #smoothbouncyskin leonalim@gmail.com

  20. The answer is #smoothbouncyskin
    email: nic.nicole90@gmail.com


  21. Heard so much about this L'Oréal Paris Hydra Fresh Range, I have skin hydration problem too, perhaps can try out this products :)

  22. Oh wow! So lucky you got to try all these good stuff from L'Oreal! No wonder you have flawless skin.

  23. Always loved Loreal's products, they saved my skin when I had to first deal with dry winter.

    The hashtag is #smoothbouncyskin :D




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