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KL FASHION WEEK- Ready To Wear 2015 - Day 1

Couldn't be more glad that i was able to catch KL fashion week 2015's first day show at 3pm which was showcasing some very interesting designers like Kittie Yiyi,  My Apparel ZooAdila LongCassey GanMaatin ShakirJustin Chew and that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for pavilion who extended their invite to me, thank you pavilion! :)
This is KLFW's 3rd installment and it gets bigger and better every year, this is the very place i would be showcasing my work if i had made it to top 10 for the AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2015, sadly i didn't and only made it to top 25 *sobs*.
Well..guess there are other opportunities for me near future to showcase my collections on the stage so wish me luck on that k?

You guys can watch the video of the nerve wrecking process we had to go through for the AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2015 lol: https://youtu.be/486QyUXK4wA
I look and sound funny as always, so please try not to laugh lol.

For KLFTWRTW 2015 like its name suggests the whole concept showcases ready to wear collections by both local & international designers whether their are new or established in the industry but mostly fresh ones as this is considered a platform for young brands to get their brands exposed to the local fashion industry.

Now you know how badly i would love to one day be able to get a slot of my own to showcase (in my dreams la! lol like that would happen).
This whole week you will see the golden triangle (especially pavilion area) flocked with many fashionably dressed people waiting to attend KLFW shows, so if you love fashion and plan to be a designer yourself drop by and watch from the floors above, unless you have an invitation as this event is by invitation only.

Bumped into Supermodel Amber chia before the show and coincidentally we both were wearing capes lol.

Date for the day was my supermodel girlfriend and horoscope twin, Reiko Ong
Thank you for agreeing to come babe *muax* Love her effortless look man, wish i could look that good and tall in flat shoes lol even with heels i am still shorter than her AHAHA.

For the first day 3pm session was particularly rooting for a fellow fashion blogger, model & designer kittie yiyi, she's really one of a kind. Her crazy quirky photos and fashion aesthetic was what got me hooked into following her in the first place lol.
Seriously what kind of girl who dresses nicely and poses weirdly with funny faces lol only one girl can pull that off effortlessly is kittie yiyi. Gila woman, but i like lol.

Here collection this year is really my favourite among her designs because it's colourful! Usually on runway we see the boring monochrome colours or solid colours without prints but kittie's collection literally looked like she plucked them out from the rainbow, maybe that's the whole idea la~
Here are some photos showing my few favourite pieces from the runway actually all also i like but trying not to over post my blog with too many photos or you guys will hate me because takes so long to load this blog post lol :P
Get ready for unicorn poop & vomit (which is obviously rainbows lol) as i present to you Kittie Yiyi's collection.


Do you see the circus prints on that see through jacket? So want this piece badly!! (。♥‿♥。)
Amoi kittie, boleh i bawak this pulang? XD

My favourite dress in the entire collection, can imagine it was handpainted on.
But ah gurl...why you no do finale walk? All the models should come out at once to show the rainbows of your collection ma T_T

Followed by other designers of that day during the same session, each time slot showcases a few designers so in one day there is about 5-6 designers making it an hour+ session before the next show.

Really love this piece by Adila Long especially the detailed beading collar but don't think it's very ready to wear as it looks kinda bridal-ish and heavy to me lol (my opinion la, which doesn't matter since i am a small fry any way lol). Nice touch on adding pockets to the puffy skirt! 
Who doesn't like skirts & dresses with pockets?  They are like the most practical thing to incorporate to skirt/ dress designs these days because we all gotta need a place to put our smartphones during functions or red carpet events lol.

Nice collection of clean, structured and flowy designs from Maatin Shakir

Last but not least the very raw, street collection by Justin Chew
If you are into tomboy-ish street fashion like model Cara delevingne then you might find Justin's brand according to your liking.

To keep up to date with the rest of KLFWRTW 2015, feel free to stalk them on facebook or instagram which they will update live snippets for you to see :)

And if you are heading to your invited show at KLFWRTW2015, try using uber as they are having an ongoing promotion (to & from) KLFW, pavilion - 4 rides worth RM15 each.
Or if you want RM40 credit instead use my special code (only for first timers): uberarisa.c



  1. Amazing shots arisa! What camera are you using? Sony?

    1. Thanks Jessica :D
      I used SONY NEX-3 for all my shots!


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