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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Review & Giveaway

Every girl's dream is to have flawless skin, so they can either skip their usual makeup routine and get more sleep or in general spend less time and money searching for holy grail concealer and foundations. I know that well because heck since i moved to Japan everyday i step out of the house my face is at least coated with a layer of make up to make myself look presentable or if i have to run out and do something quick i would just put on a face mask. The pressure to look your best here is real, because putting on make up is similar to you dressing up properly and everyone here dresses well regardless how weird their fashion taste are, the point is NO ONE goes out in short pants, baggy sleeping T-shirts and flipflops like how we do back in Malaysia. 

Not exactly culture shocked by this fact after visiting here for a couple times already, just takes time getting used to it because i grew up in a land where no one could be bothered about their looks and it's best to look normal (plain Jane) to avoid cat calls from uncivilized buffoons.  
There are days in Japan when i wish it could be like Malaysia, don't have to worry so much about my appearance but i don't have the best skin on earth, it's either too dull, visible pores or invaded by pesky pimples due to raging hormones right now (darn pregnancy, so much for "glowing skin" pffft!). 

But as the days of my stays turned to weeks and now a month, despite the amount of make up used daily (i wear make up at least 5-6 days a week on average ), i noticed that my skin doesn't look as bad as it used to and even friends whom i've met up with recently told me that it looks much better than before. How is that actually possible because the logic of using make up almost everyday doesn't help my skin to breathe and i used to joke that probably it's Japan's clean air and water that does the magic lol but actually i've been more diligent with my skincare routine now because the air in Japan is actually quite dry, my skin needs intensive moisturizing daily or else my skin would start to flake especially at the corners of my mouth. 

Improved skin condition since i moved to Japan last month, heavy make up isn't needed anymore.

When i was first asked to give this luxury bio cellulose facial mask from Korea a try by the creator Dr Haram Seo, i was abit skeptical because my skin is at its most fragile state due to my hormones being unbalanced from the pregnancy and one wrong product my whole face would break out like mad, i usually turn down all types of skin care product reviews during this period unless the ingredients are gentle to the skin.

I decided to give it a try after much assurance by Dr Haram that this face mask would be the best i've ever tested and a week later a parcel arrive at my door step in Kyoto from Korea! 
It contained a box of Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Mask and Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Eyepatch set to test out, i was honestly nervous yet excited at the same time because it's been a long while since i've introduced new skincare products to my skin and i wouldn't recommend any random product to my readers unless it's been tested and proven effective by myself.
Introducing a product is one thing, writing a proper review about it is another because blog readers are interested to know more about the product prior to purchasing, this post plays an important role as a deciding factor for potential customers.  

Bio Cellulose Masks

Bio-cellulose masks have been in the market for quite some time, but every one of them is different due to it's serum content, so far most mask i've tried does provided the effects as claimed (glowy & supple skin) but it's most temporary, that's one of the reasons why people save masks for special occasions as it's also costly compared to other types of masks. 
But compared to traditional cloth, insoluble hydrogel and soluble hydrogel masks, bio- cellulose is made from natural materials designed specifically for skincare purposes, thus boosting its effectiveness even more. 

But we are going to see today how well this mask performs and whether it's worth the upkeep!

Their cutting is neither too big nor too small, but if you have small face like me then it needs abit of adjustment, bio cellulose masks doesn't fall off your face so you can go about your usual routine while masking unlike cloth ones. However it needs to be handled with care during application or you'll risk tearing it.

Day SPA Hyuejeong

Their masks used to be only distributed in facial salons throughout Korea before they became readily available to the public market. Day Spa Hyuejeong has also been in the industry for about 15 years, researching and perfecting skin solutions for women all over the world. 
Allowing consumers worldwide to gain easier access to premium skin care without having to go to facial salons. They have presented their products in various international beauty expos including the recent one in Malaysia and even have a duty free booth at Incheon International Airport, South Korea.

Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose-1 week Test Review

According to Dr Haram, in order to see the product's full potential i would need to test it out daily for a week first but most people would see it's results instantly upon one usage. 
The mask promises Moisturizing, improves skin elasticity, balances back natural face oil properties as it contains plant based ingredients like camellia oil, avocado oil, shea butter, coconut, etc. 

Each box contains 12 pcs of mask and there are 3 types available :

For Face (I'm using Hyuejeong Energy Bio- Cellulose Eye cover Mask)

I was just expecting the usual "glow/ brightening/ supple" effects as most masks provide but i seriously didn't expect it to actually help make my black head pores less visible especially around the T-zone region. As for my cheeks, i'm generally blessed with minimal large pores but there are still some visible ones here and there, that too disappeared almost completely, i'm really shocked! And all these within 7 days straight of using the mask before i sleep, the smell of the mask reminds me of coconuts and it's really therapeutic!

Day 2 
My skin started showing signs of improvement

Day 7 
it's practically glowing on its own. 
Minus the pesky pimple at the side of my nose lol.

I still do get occasional 2-3 pimples sometimes but that heals fast without any scarring.
The danna pinched my cheeks recently and commented that my skin looks so much better than before it's difficult for one to see results sometimes because we see ourselves in the mirror too frequently but coming from him i guess he noticed my efforts of putting on mask every night for the past 1 week lol.  

Day 2
Pores can still be seen and the skin is slightly abit better than my usual dull condition. 

Day 7
No make up base, edit or filter needed, this photo is taken with normal day lighting.

I found applying on foundation much easier now even without my usual primer step to cover up my pores and fine lines because there are barely any right now, the visibility of them reduced more than 70% and i don't even use foundation anymore ever since my last bottle in Malaysia finished, i go for lighter alternatives like CC creams from Sugao as my base before blusher and setting powder. 
Make up time reduced, skin looking fresh even without make up and my current state of being 6 months pregnant, super sensitive, dull and dry skin status i have to agree with Dr Haram that this is indeed one of the best mask i've ever tested in my entire life of reviewing beauty products. It really lives up to its name "luxury" because it falls nothing short of its description. 

Their mask is very generous with the serum, and by generous i mean it's enough to apply on my face, neck, arms, pregnant belly and thighs! It dries up leaving your skin silky smooth and non sticky. That's what i love about their serum formula!

So generous!

For Eyes

My permanent dark circles are really annoying and regardless of how much sleep i get it's still going to be there, and cucumbers are better off eaten than wasted on my dark circles. Seriously.  And if i had poor sleep or cried, it would make me look as if someone punched both my eyes (puffy + dark). 
I often have to use lots of concealers underneath my eye to cover it up or else i'll still look haggard even with make up and one of the challenges i faced was finding a concealer that doesn't enhance the fine lines there. This eye mask help both lighten my panda eyes and also lessen the visibility of the fine lines, might say that this works better than any of those "eye serum rollers" out there. 
Guess it helps alot that the eye area stays hydrated to prevent these pesky lines from showing up, and i'm so glad now that i barely need to use concealers as there is nothing to conceal anymore!

With one time usage there is significant difference, the fine lines are immediately blurred out 

Maintenance Schedule  

It's been a week now since i've stopped using the mask to see if there are any withdrawal symptoms but so far things has been fine, pores are still fine, dark circles not so prominent best part i do look less haggard and younger even without make up (yay!).

A product i don't mind using once a week during my pampering session to maintain my current skin condition, i'm genuinely a happy user of Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose products and definitely don't mind stocking up more of it since they are having a buy 2nd box at 50% off (Use code: BUYMORE at checkout) while individual boxes are all at 15% off now on their website, promotion is valid till 30th June 2018.
It's FREE SHIPPING worldwide!

For the price i personally think it's worth it because it's not an expensive investment, the results are real and with the ongoing promotion this month we can save alot too.

Bonus: If you like their Instagram page- RAMCOKOREA and DM them your order number & my name (Arisa Chow), they'll include in extra 3 pieces of  Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Eye mask worth $10 for FREE!
This is specially for my readers only, thank you Ramcokorea! :D

Giveaway Time!

I know everyone loves giveaways, for a product that i highly recommend to my readers to get today i'm glad that Ramcokorea is so generous to sponsor 3 boxes of their Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose Eyecover Mask worth $108 each as prizes for 3 of my followers to try out!!

๐ŸŽ‰ GIVEAWAY ROUND 3๐ŸŽ‰ Calling out fans of Korean skincare and masking out there! I'm totally blown away by the results of using this mask for the past 1 week, swipe next to see the difference ๐Ÿ™Œ and I've written a full detailed review on it, now up on my blog ๐Ÿ”› arisachow.com And I'll be selecting 3 lucky winners to try out this luxury bio cellulose mask worth USD $108 each as well ❤ a big shout out and thank you to #ramcokorea for this collaboration opportunity ๐Ÿ™ Just follow these 3 simple compulsory steps and multiple/ daily entries are allowed ๐Ÿ™Œ 1. Follow @arisa_chow & @ramcokorea 2. Like this photo & Tag 3 friends in the comment box below you'll like to mask with ❤ 3. Open for multiple entries, most entries stand a higher chance of winning as names would be drawn via random lot (3 entries = name x3 in the random basket) . . « TERMS & CONDITIONS » * this giveaway is open worldwide from 16/6- 30/6/18 ** winner will be selected and announced on 5/7/18 *** Winners will be contacted via IG for mailing details, and if no response within 48hrs, prize will be forfeited and given to the next drawn winner. **** This is one of the 3 giveaways running this week, open for all to join, but only one winner per prize allowed. #koreanskincareroutine #koreanbeauty #koreanskincare #internationalgiveaway #giveaway #beautyreview #beautyblog #arisabeautypicks #kbeauty
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Thank you so much Ramcokorea!

Disclaimer: Aside from my daily Hyuejeong Energy Bio-Cellulose masking, my usual skincare routine uses Momohime products (toner, gel moisturizer and essence), i found their products really suitable for my sensitive skin since last year, it's gentle and contains all natural ingredients, doesn't reek of any chemical smell except it's main ingredient peach extract. 

This is also a personal and honest review from the writer's own experience.



  1. Sesekali kena juga pakai mask untuk menegangkan kulit dan membolehkan kulit mempunyai tekstur yang menarik. Kalau nak cantik harus la rajin.

  2. Oh I need that eye mask, the entire series looks really promising, can't wait to try it out.

  3. Oh! I think still have chance to join the giveaway. Lucky to read your post here. Hopefully will win one of the mask :D

  4. Oh yes. I just head over heels with masks - dont ask why coz I also do not know why but wearing one makes me feel prettier than ever. Hahaha. Enjoy your days there babe!

  5. Arisa u memang cantik. Tak sangka susah juga nak jaga kecantikan kan. I lepas dah Elok muka, malas dah nak lakukan regimen asal skincare. Kemudian bila sunburned dan jerawat tumbuh baru la mulakan balik. Huhu.

  6. I do use facial masks off and on but do not stick to a single brand. From your results of using Hyuejeong, this looks like a brand to be faithful towards!

  7. Wahhh!! Make me feel also wanna try this.. mask with serum.. just apply it.. so easy..

  8. I want to try the mask. My skin condition looks dull and uneven. Can see the different after you use it for 7 days. You skin more brighter and healthy.

  9. That's a whole lot of difference from a one week usage of masks. Now i feel like want to use my fav mask everyday for the next 7 days and see if it shows the significant difference as yours does...if mine doesn't work, I wouldn't mind trying out your masks. And on another note...you moved to Japan?! So nice! And I love your new place! if that is your new place la....the round Japanese elements in the house, can only be seen in my dreams for now...hahahahha

  10. I love Bio Cellulose Masks too. The mask adhere to skin perfectly. you are so kind on this giveaway. Good luck to all the participants.

  11. Nice! I like how generous it's serum is in a pack! Super yummy goodness on your skin!

  12. Yeah i love sheet masks like this, its so conveninent to carry with me when i travel. This bio cellulose mask looks very promising and also the results. Will check it out coz i prefer bio cellulose mask then the paper mask.

  13. Bestnya...i.suka jugak skincare from japan selain korean...both of them really titik beratkan skin care compared to make up...dats what we Malaysian shud do


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