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All prepared for Chinese New Year !

The most anticipated time of the year is't it?
Everyone has booked their tickets to go back to their hometown to celebrate with their family & friends
Where all the ang pau-s start coming in, and makes you feel good for still being unmarried ..ahahaha
*it's just a joke * :-D

Everyone does their last minute CNY shopping (as usual), malls are crowded, prices hiked up due to the celebration (darn you merchants!)

and yes, a normal short modern Cheongsam can cost up to RM150 when the price is like RM30 during the middle of the year?
yes, lesson learnt, buy when it's not festive season and don't hope for a sale during CNY
not worth the hassle and the crowd :-/

Finally sewed finish my Cheongsam
yep, 100 % made by me, 1st time making something like that and i hope to improve more for the next one :)

a little rough around the edges, because i wash rushing it for a pageant (pls view here- Miss Charming Cheongsam )

and it's nothing fancy :-(

regrets for wasting such a lovely cloth QAQ *cries*
Next attempt (been procrastinating for more than a year liao lol, bought the cloth long time ago and it's been collecting dust in a corner) is a kimono *w*

Let me do some magic~ohoho

My first time using piping bias tape, quit difficult to handle @@ lols
90% done..weee~
The finished product!
Model : JasminBabe Ual
Thank you so much for modelling it dear!! ♥
Photo credits : Caravan SatinDolls



Michele said...

wow lisa.u really got talent!!it's really nice.

Arisa said...

thanks dear :)

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