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Goodbye & Welcome

Welcoming 2012 was a wonderful memory,
in cosplay style ;-)
And marks our 3rd anniversary together, time really flies,
Through our ups and downs
At least i know we got it solved together

well, the event was bigger compared to last year that is for sure :P
this shows  that our love for cosplay has reached out to more people
and i hope it will continue this way :)

My greatest thanks goes to Venus and the rest of the Christmas/New Year Eve Christmas ball committee for organizing this event :)
Your dedication knows no boundaries, coming all the way back from Singapore just for this event, i now truly understand why they call you a goddess ;)
And we wouldn't be there having fun, enjoying each other's presences if it weren't for all your hard work :)
Thank you!

Counting the last few seconds of 2011, and welcoming 2012 with close friends, nothing can be compared to this, i couldn't ask for more :)
This is a start of a new and fresh year
Hopefully i'll follow my resolutions, knowing i'm a horrible slacker (especially when it comes to exercising) lol

Photo credits goes to their respective photographers (their watermark justifies them lols) :)

Credits to A.R.C. Photography
credits to KennethTee
credits to Hermanphotography

goddess singing "a thousand years"
awesome duet, bin yun & Shiomaru
Hohoho~ thank you for the gifts guys (◡‿◡✿)

Videos will be up soon! :D



herman said...

great party we had thanks to venus, lucky i was there to spending the last of 2011 and beginning of 2012 with you guys :D happy new year arisa, i believe we can see more of your awesomeness this year!

Arisa said...

awww <3 thank you so much Misao :)
Same goes to you!!
We shall gambatteh! *yosh*

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