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Christmas/ New Year Cosplay Ball 2011 Videos

As promised :)


Christmas/ New Year Eve Cosplay Ball feat I'm sexy and I know it *special edition* <--this video had to be removed, sorry dears :( because trolls like GUEST 18 of LOWYAT FORUM, KOPITIAM (idiot that has nothing better to do) is misusing it for trolling purposes :-/
To respect other's decision, the just for LOLS video had to be taken down :-(

Another video to entertain you guys! :D
With all our lovely song birds

p/s : sorry for the lousy quality >.< i'm using my hp, samsung galaxy W to record

Christmas/ New Year Eve Cosplay Ball 2011 feat Bad Apple

From far left : Venus, Huei Chan, Bin Yun & Shiomaru



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