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Oh the attention i'm getting! Stop it ya'll *blush*  Can't believe i'm actually sharing this post but yeah..think dee...

BFF Session x Kiss Me

Our Star guest of the day ♥

Yay! Finally the video of my BFF session with my dear older sister is up! ;-) Yep, you read right, my older sis Sarah from www.lashesandstrokes.blogspot.com.
She is damn detailed when it comes to reviewing products :-P Scares me in a way lol Guess that is what you get from a sister who is doing a degree in TESL.

This is my first time collaborating with her for a video shoot though we lived in the same room since we were born but never agreed on anything nor done anything together lol the typical sister arguments and love hate relationship, hope you guys enjoy it! (≧▼≦;)
Thank you Sarah for agreeing to be featured in my video as a guinea pig :-P ohohoh~ Don't forget to check out her blogshop too : Day 24

Everything was shot using my Samsung Note 2 since Shiro-chan (WB150F) suicide ;_; *sobs*

Isn't she a natural beauty? :D Unlike me who wears a 10 inch layer of make up all the time :-P LOL
Our main topic of the day is LIPS! Want a "OH KISSABLE LIPS?" Watch the video to find out how ;-) Enjoy!

P/S : Please pardon my noob editing skills lol >.<




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