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Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend ♥

Sasa's 35th Anniversary sale is back again girls! Time to hoard their shelves with these amazing deals~ :-D  Shop and be rewarded back with DIAMONDS!

I'm super duper excited because my favorite brands are selling at such awesome prices, that even I myself can't resists (and i still have tons of make up at home >.< /smack self)
The sale is a month long, so no worries about missing it this time :-D

Sale Date : 1st March - 31st March 2013

Shop and be rewarded today! ♥

Kiss me Heavy Rotation prices are just too good to be true! Selected items priced at RM35 for 2! :-) Once you have tried this brand you wouldn't want to turn back.  

Not convinced? Check out my reviews below :

K-Palette stuff ftw (‘∀’●)♡ Love their eyeliners to bits ♥

Been rotating between Kiss Me/Heavy Rotation and K-Palette eyeliners because they are just so awesome :-D Lasts the whole day without smudging one bit and easy removal too~
K-Palette review : http://bit.ly/VlmJGI

Kyaaaaa!! Cuteness overloaded O(≧∇≦)OI'm not a fan of Hello Kitty but i always do have a soft spot for cats :3 ♥ The Kuromi shower gel is just so adorable, but then again my bathroom look so ugly ;_; Something cute as this deserves a better looking  bathroom than mine lololol. 

For more of Sasa's catalog click the link below :




Isabel said...

omg I wannnnnttt

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

I want everything from the sales :'(

Arisa Chow said...

go go buy :D while stocks last!

Arisa Chow said...

Better grab them before they are all gone!^^

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