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One down, 2 to go!

Yosh! I have to hang in there T___T

Time really files! @_@ It's already almost the middle of the month and I still haven't had a solid 6 hour sleep since February. With my health condition right now I think I might just drop dead pretty soon :-( Being going to college everyday early in the morning and leaving at 8pm, by the time I reach home it's nearly 9pm and I still haven't eaten yet! 
Skipped my gym routine for almost a month because of the work piling up from college and the current STYLO competition, the reason why I haven't been so active in blogging this month :-( I apologize!

So sorry everyone >.<

I shouldn't be complaining because this is the life path I chose, in  a way at least i can contantly keep myself occupied lol

One of the assignment that i was working on in college, made me curse  like hell because TARC's fashion lab doesn't have the proper sewing equipment for all our assignments. Bugger. 
It's practically almost ruined my assignments because the machine kept on getting stuck :-/ 

Thank God, it's at least done :-/ Hallelujah! 

 Meet Raspberry my Mulberry inspired bag :-D lol

Current assignment that i'm working on :-P I find embroidery kinda addictive >.<

Can't wait till this semester is over T_______T sobs. I need a holiday!




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