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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Bias? Fuck Off

Yes, I know, everyone has their fair share of assholes.
And why should i be complaining to the whole world about mine? This is a fucking rant post since this my blog, i can write whatever i please.
If you don't like it, please don't waste your time reading it. Save 5 minutes of your life to do something more meaningful than to read my rants :-/

I study in a college named "Tunku Abdul Rahman College" a "CHEAP" ( i won't say affordable this time) place, that is why every Chinese students who don't get accepted into local university, second option is to enroll into TARC.

My entire duration studying in college, I've came across noting but a bunch of asshole bias lecturers (who some  even purposely failed my coursework *though i passed my final exam, because of my failed coursework i have to resit the whole subject again* Reason? she didn't like me for standing up against her) well, as a lecturer you should be happy that at least I'm alert and bother to debate with you rather than  just sit there and keep quiet like a mannequin . That is one thing i don't understand, if you guys hate your jobs so much why bother teaching? If you need the money so badly, just work as a hooker, I'm sure your Bitchiness is SUCH A TURN ON. 

*There are nice understanding lectures as well, don't get me wrong! *
But it's just the world consists of more assholes than the good ones.

Photography Lecturer this semester is fucking bias (why are you lecturers even doing this half the time? Do you GET PAID to do that?)
Instead of guiding us, all you do is compare us to other students (who you think is better) and instead of showing us YOUR REAL example , you show us other students punya hardwork. ALL you do is sit there with your fucking fat ass,trying so hard to act fashionable, but unfortunately failed miserably so now you look like a FAG, wait! you ARE a FAGGOT, I forgot! opps! my bad !Sorry :-)
Let me give you my two cents,
You can't just say photography and fashion is the same (which dumb fuck can think of such a thing?)
Yes they both maybe in the same field of art/creativity, but don't you dare do a similar comparison between this two fields.
You don't just summarize "fashion" and say photography is the same thing. The field of fashion is much bigger than you know it .

Yea, just because you are a Lim Kwok Wing graduate doesn't give you a fucking right to be cocky.
It could be because outside everyone has larger cocks than you and when you are in TARC as a "lecturer" you try to show that your cock is bigger. Unfortunately It's still the smallest ;-)

You know why others think you are not worth listening to?
Because we feel threaten, instead of being able to approach you for guidance you fucking threaten all of us with you faggot problematic attitude.
Yes, you have attitude problems the gay sort of problem.
Hey! I'm not discriminating gays! I think they make awesome girlfriends,I do enjoy their company and i have plenty of awesome gay friends too! BUT except the attitude problems like you.

I'm proud and loud,
And I'm not afraid to admit I have attitude problems myself. Problem? Is it a crime to voice out? I don't think so, It's a free country after all.

Why won't God just rain fire and burn the whole world away. It's just bloody corrupted.
Adele, we need your magical lighter when it starts raining!

Advice to freshies?
You did a terrible mistake by enrolling into TARC. Best of Luck.


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