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Samsung Galaxy SIII Exclusive Media Preview

I'm glad to be one of the bloggers invited to this Media preview which was held at One World Hotel, PJ last Thursday!
Thanks Don! ;-)
The phone that everyone has anticipated for is finally arriving at our shores ,Just waiting for the right time to be released 
And I'm sure this baby will be sold out within a week :P I know how obsess people can get when it comes to gadgets like these, so Iphone..move over :-P Looks like your popularity spot has been stolen!

To be honest, i totally forgot about the event till Don reminded me! My God!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I swear to God I'll kill myself i had missed this event oTL
And that time when i got home from college it was like 3.30pm+ and i need to get out of the house by 4.30pm the latest if wanted to reach 1 Utama area on time (6pm) And not to mention the LDP jam oTL *godwhyudothis*
Rushed like mad and luckily i managed to reach on time! :D The jam wasn't too bad~
6pm was the arrival of guest, media, bloggers,press..etc 
Mingling around as we enjoyed the mini cocktail party that was prepared for us, bumped into a few friends as well! Te hee~♥ Nearing 7pm (doors opened around 7.20pm +) the place was crowded with people @_@

The white lacey top I was wearing is by Le Ann Maxima 
When the doors were finally opened it was like stepping into another dimension 
Our emcee for the night was the lovely Wan Zaleha, ensuring the launch went smoothly all the way , isn't she just gorgeous with a sleek dress to compliment her awesome figure? :3

In this preview they introduced to us the newest technology almost par to us humans 
The existence of a new era
as this creation is one with nature and It is designed to understand us like a human brain
And it is expected to surpass last year's creation Samsung Galaxy SII in sales which sold nearly 20 million worldwide.
SIII is designed to meet human needs and making life easier with it's extraordinary functions , imagine everything you need to do with just one click.

Indeed Life is Extraordinary with SIII 

They also had a hands on live demonstration session by Product marketing manager, Luke Au where he introduced to us the functions and specialty of this unique creation. which runs on a dual core ( that is incredibly insane! My laptop runs on that but a phone? o.O) Also uses  AndroidTM 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and runs on 2,100mAh battery!
What amazes me the most was the Burst mode (it is one of the camera settings) which allows you to take up to 20 continuous shots 
And the enhanced camera quality, 8 Mega pixel we can all just throw away our DSLRs LOL!

Screen display size is a 4.8 inch Super HD AMOLED 
This phone is created slim and light, weighing only 133g and thickness of 8.6mm
small enough to slide in your side pockets (that is how all of them took the phone out on stage, they kept it in their breast pocket lol)
Was testing out the front camera, noticed how clear it is? :D Suitable for those who love to camwhore LOL!
Increased to 1.9 megapixel front camera made for video calls or recording high quality videos from the front :-)
People might ask, "what is SO SPECIAL about this SIII?" isn't it like just like SII but upgraded? Think again :B No...It's not It's more than that! See the picture above? This are the few new functions created to specially for SIII, It's so intelligent that I myself as a human feel so useless LOL
One of the cutest function is the S Beam which allows the user to transfer photos/ and other item within a split second and all you have to do is click the two phones together to get them connected.

Yep, hot models displaying SIII phones :B nah~~ not interested in them , just love the color of their dresses haha! The color is indeed eye catching.
Had loads of fun playing around with the functions! Look out for their package deals with Maxis, Digi and Celcom , they might give you a good offer for the phone pricing :D

For more Updates on the SIII do check out their website Samsung Malaysia or follow them on their Facebook page, Samsung Mobile Malaysia

Had awesome useful gifts from the goodie bag they gave upon registering! All hearts!♥ Shall treasure them alot! :3 Using a smart phone without carrying a portable charger = suicidal (yes, i've been carrying my charger around most of the time ;_;) 
Thanks again Don! :-)


  1. Such a great photo collection, I like it, but do you have any information about exact price of Galaxy S3 in India?

    Hire Android Developer

  2. Jezy : Thank dear! :) sorry at the moment no :-( in Malaysia it's about RM2199 :-) Hope it helps! Thanks for dropping by~♥


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