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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Work & Chill Cafe

Sounds kinda chillax huh? :-)
When i first received an invitation to like their page on Facebook I was wondering "what kind of new cafe has opened in town?"
The officially launched on 19th April 2012 (barely a month old and they have regulars coming in! )8D

As you guys know I barely eat :-P and my awful healthy "horse diet" lols~
But half the time i'm spamming my Facebook wall with pictures of  mouth watering desserts and pastries =w=b
I bet you guys would be wondering " I thought Arisa is on a diet? apasal asyik tengok Facebook banyak gambar makanan manis jer?" hehe..THAT is my weakness oTL
All the gym, controlled food and efforts go down the drain thanks to my sweet tooth! Damn..

Back to the Cafe / Restaurant~!
So happened I found out it belong to a friend whom I met on Facebook :-) Thanks for inviting me over to check out your lovely cafe Jonathan! 
had an interesting chilling session, and getting to know more about the cafe, thank you for the great hospitality  (◡‿◡✿)
Though, I'm truly sorry for turning up late! My makan time abit off oTL lunch was suppose to be at 12-2pm i came around nearly 4pm oTL
No thanks to my photography assignment and I was stuck in Bukit Jalil Park for quite some time all thanks to the sudden downpour! :-S

The Cafe is located in a new shop lot area facing adjacent of SPRINT highway :-)
Not hard to get to!
The turning left before the shell petrol station.

Monday - Friday : 8.30 am - 8.30pm
Saturday : 8.30am -5pm

10 Boulevard Damanasara,
Block Camelia, C-G-43, Kayu Ara
Adjacent Lebuhraya SPRINT 
47400 Selangor, Malaysia

Phone : 03-7733 1151

This is the entrance of the cafe, filled with interesting Quirky signs! Sure catches the eye lol
Do stop awhile to read them , it's sure to make your day :-P 
Not forgetting, you won't be sure to miss this cute place, because this is the only non-vegetarian store on that row of shop lots!

What to expect from here?
When you go inside cafe, this is what that greets you (aside from the people serving you at the entrance haha!) ♥ Dimly lited room with tungsten lighting, The ambiance over here is somewhat unique, you will feel  almost instantly like you are in your own cozy bedroom! No kidding! The atmosphere is so relaxing + good ventilation so it doesn't feel stuffy at all!
For smokers you are able to smoke here while you have your coffee because of the good ventilation (noticed the opened windows?) smoke is not trapped in the cafe :-) So those who can't stand smoke, fret not! There isn't any lingering smelling of cigarettes I assure you ;-)
And soon the will be upgrading by installing a ventilation fan! Yay!
The Jazzy atmosphere is sure to leave you frenzy, they are a Jazz Cafe and you rarely find those around KL ;)(They do play a mixture of Jazz and R&B music, depending on they usual crowd of customers) It is an free and easy place, you are most welcome to give your opinions and suggestions on how  they can improve to suit their taste-buds:-)
They would gladly hear you out, as they want this to be like a family home instead of a commercialized cafe 
Currently they are looking for small bands to play gigs on weekends , (in the picture above) there is a place for you to perform :-)
any inquiries just drop me an email : arisa1443@gmail.com
and I'll get you in touch with the owner :3
The Menu ♥ *click to enlarge* 
Has a mixture of local and western cuisine (more coming soon!)


Their signature best selling cakes 
from the far left : Red Velvet, Black Velvet & New York Cheese cake
Quite a wide range of drinks and pastries   ♥ So pastry lovers, this is the place you want to be!
And not forgetting All pastries are made by a well know celebrity Chef  Zoe (Zowita), her signature way of making pastries is that they all have a smooth cake texture and sweetness level that is just perfect! 
Unlike other pastries where you eat half the slice of cake, and you feel like puking because it's just too sweet?
This pastries by Zoe is a MUST try! few slices, and you still won't feel quesy :-P
Work & Chill Cafe signature pastry is the Black velvet (rich with dark chocolate + Caramel sauce) = HEAVENLY 
Black velvet 
This cake is designed solely for Work & Chill Cafe by Zoe
New York Cheese Cake
And what make this cheese cake my favorite is the way they made the base instead of the usual crushed digestive biscuits , this has a mixture of oats (chewy!) and honey, which is a total bliss!
Don't all the pastries just look so good? (◡‿◡✿)
Left : Chocolate Milkshake , right(top) hot chocolate & (bottom) signature Long Black (black coffee, made from the most expensive roasted Arabica beans) 
I would recommend to try their very own chocolate milkshake, I've always been quite scared of milkshakes because of the milky over the top taste ( ;´Д`) but this one is smooth and not so creamy/ milky, so you don't feel queasy from the rich chocolaty thirst quencher O(≧▽≦)O
Me and my hot chocolate  
P/s : ignore the chubby face, been pigging out on desserts alot lately @_@
Gotta admit the Danish butter cookies are superb! 
Overall, this place has a good enviroment to enjoy food,  I haven't got the chance to try out their main dishes yet (arrived too late on a Saturday, chef sudah balik T^T)  And from what i heard, the food is carefully selected and tasted by the boss himself  :-)
Will definitely drop by again to try them out!
Don't worry about parking, there are loads of parking in the area and almost 24 hours security (top and basement)
On weekdays during lunch time it can get quite full! To avoid disappointments you can call in to book a table :)
Hotline : 03-7733 1151
Looking forward to more successful experimental food on my next visit!

Bonus part is that they offer a free venue for any functions (FOC) like birthdays, exhibition , mini fashion shows, band performances
and they also provide customized cake services to fit your theme ~
as long you bring in your own traffic to support your event :-)
How awesome is that?
To reserve a date for your event, drop them an email or call to make your reservations
Amen :D

They are currently hiring staff , so college hospitality students who wanna earn side income or do internship do drop them an email or get in touch with me, Arisa :-)

For latest Updates and events, Do "Like" their Facebook Page : -

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