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Movie Review : Dark Shadows

Hell yeah! Watched it yesterday at TGV :-)
Though i was on the verge of dropping dead due to exhaustion from classes, assignments and shopping at Le Ann Maxima@ Jaya One with my mom yesterday, still crazy enough to watch a night movie.
Was kinda unexpected though lol! Didn't book any tickets, just realised that Dark Shadows were out 2 days ago and spontaneously went to the TGV ticket counter to check whether there were tickets or not, surprisingly there were 2 good seats on the 3rd row ♥ >:3 lucky~
and all this just for a movie? Not just any Movie!
For Johnny Depp and Tim Burton I would do anything ♥ hurhur...

In 1752, Joshua and Naomi Collins sail from Liverpool, England to North America. Their son, Barnabas, grows up to be a wealthy playboy in Collinsport, Maine and is the master of Collinwood Manor. He breaks the heart of a witch, Angelique Bouchard, who kills his parents, curses his family including all his lovers (the last being Josette) leaping to their deaths from a nearby cliff and finally turns Barnabas into a vampire and buries him alive in a chained-coffin in the woods. 200 years later in 1972, Barnabas is accidentally freed from his coffin by a group of construction workers, sucks them dry of their blood and makes his way back to Collinwood Manor where he find his once-magnificent mansion in ruin. The manor is currently occupied by Barnabas' dysfunctional descendants. Barnabas decides to restore his family name, but when Angelique discovers that he has escaped his shallow grave she plots revenge and tries to win him back. (info taken from Wiki)

As we all know that this Movie is based from a soap opera, i know lol of all things? Soap Opera? WTF..
I wouldn't want to spoil the story, so i'll leave it to you guys to watch it for yourselves :-P
In my Opinion, this movie is so-so, not much story line, lots of bits and pieces hanging here and there
Overall, it's just good for laughs :-)
Must be the great acting of Johnny ♥ *fuckyea!*

Just a little warning, don't expect it to be some action pack complicated story line, etc or whatever you call it. This is just a simple movie with a simple story line after all it's soap opera, expect loads of drama from the dysfunctional bunch lols~
I would rate this movie overall as 6/10 (Not Tim Burton's best creation..unfortunately D: )
Hope there is a squeal, they seriously left alot of parts hanging, which left me puzzled :-s
Just a fun and easy movie to watch when you are bored :D

Enjoy !


  1. I don't know what it was about this flick, but it just didn't do much for me. Sure, it was funny and had moments that seemed like Burton was having some fun, but then he would just totally let loose of that comedic side to him and get too dark and serious. Just should have stayed with that goofy, fish-out-of-water comedy idea that it originally had because it worked very well. Good review Arisa.

  2. I know! haha, maybe they were trying out something different for this movie, no doubt ;)
    Thanks for reading, i know there is nothing much to say about it >_<
    But thank you! :)


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