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Lancôme: Rouge in Love Bloggers & Facebook Party

Was there only for the bloggers gathering, too bad I couldn't stay longer for the 100,000 FACEBOOK FAN Party which started around 1pm ~
Had to rush over to Gombak for a friend's wedding :3
Thanks Tammy  from Plusizedkitten for the invite!

Started off with an introduction of Lancôme latest collection, Rouge in Love and forever gorgeous Emma Watson as the face of the latest collection 

Followed by a make up demonstration by Lancôme's make up artist with one of the bloggers as a volunteer :-)
He was teaching us how to apply/ correct errors for our daily wear make up (natural) 
So he just used the basics such as primer, foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil+brush , pencil eyeliner, blusher and a mixture of 2 different shades of lipsticks (to achieve pouty lips! woots! :D)

Before applying make-up be sure to apply primer  

We all tested out the primer, texture is smooth blends in very well and leaves a smooth surface to work on :D not oily and sticky!  Really loving it  
Yep, say hello to all the lovely bloggers!:3
Gently shading her eyebrows in with an eyebrow pencil, there is a certain way to draw your eyebrows. Because drawing them too dark makes them looks like you are angry lol
just hold the pencil gently and shade them in lightly and use a eyebrow brush to comb your eyebrow hair in place :-) By trimming them makes eyebrow drawing a little more easier and looks neater too! (I would recommend you go to a beauty saloon to do this @_@ kinda risky to shape your own eyebrows if you are not so certain)

Two types of lipsticks  are used to create an pouty full lips effect, can't remember what shade it was (but depending on your skin tone) using the slightly darker shade, line the outer corners of your lips (with the help of lip brush) and the lighter shade to fill in the center part of your lips 

Tadaaaa! Full make-over done within 10 minutes :D
Fresh and simple 
Followed on by a game session ~ All of us were split into group of 3 people
With a given task to complete XD Only using their latest product Rouge in Love lipstick Collection and a lip brush to aid us, we are suppose to create "our own look" based on their theme.
I jadi mangsa, face kena conteng with lipstick lol

The artists at work XD
My artistic group members, Jacinta and Rane 
All of us "dolled up" with lipsticks all over our faces! 
p/s : sorry for the blur photo >_<

Their latest fragrance, The Midnight Rose smells really good, reminds me of vanilla and a hint of floral scent. Not too overpowering, just how i like it! ohoho~

Sweet decoration at KLCC concourse area, sure won't miss it :-P
Am so over excited to receive my very first Lancôme Make up!
Make up remover and Rouge in Love lipstick in 360B : Rose Boudoir

Doesn't the color look lovely? *w* Looks almost like red-peach-ish color, the texture for this lipstick collection is quite smooth and silky, slides around your lips giving it a full glossy pouty finish :-) Will find a day to test out this color on myself and do a review on it, so look out for that post babes! 



  1. omg u r such a hot babe man... ish... they should totally make u Lancome model!!!

  2. Tammy Miu : I wish babe :P which is kinda impossible XD lols~


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