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Pucker Up for Lancôme!

Heard of  Lancôme  latest Lipstick range, Rouge in Love?
Especially with bewitching posters of Emma Watson as their ambassador 
With Lips to die for!

Their latest collections comes in 3 different themes 

  • Jolis Matins
  • Boudoir Time
  • Tonight is my Night

Each Theme has their shades to suit certain occasions like day time or night time make up :-)

Wonder how does their lipstick works? I was too,curious myself after receiving a Make up remover and Rouge in Love lipstick in 360B : Rose Boudoir from the blogger's tea party last Saturday at KLCC 
Here is my review :3

 This orange-y reddish shade is 360B : Rose Boudoir
But you will see how the color comes out after applying :3 Reminds me very much the color of a common rose petal  
Before applying the lipstick, noticed how dull colored my lips are? Yes, caused by dehydration and lack of sleep LOL but i always apply a layer of lip balm first before proceeding to any lipsticks of lip glosses :3
Makes application much smoother! 
P/s : here is another tip for those who have constant chapped lips, remember to gently brush away the dead skin using your toothbrush before applying lip balm and lipstick, but remember to be VERY GENTLE :-)

TADAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Fresher and much fuller kissable looking lips!  
The texture for Rouge in Love's lipsticks are buttery and smooth ( you wouldn't need a lip balm for this, seriously!) Application is effortless and the colors isn't so harsh! Suitable for all the young ladies out there who have problems of finding a suitable shade for your age (i know that problem oTL )
Who doesn't love lipsticks? I know I do !:D But finding a perfect shade to match is such a pain in the ass, as most lipsticks have such harsh bold colors, which isn't that suitable for daily make-up  (Hey, I'm not complaining! I personally love DARK RED lipsticks myself ♥) 
It might look orange-y red from the barrel but after applying It gives a slight pink-ish tint 
Quite Sheer I might say ,and Indeed the color of a Rose 
Not to mentioned It is retailed at RM75 at any Lancôme counter in Malaysia , damn reasonable for a branded lipstick! =w= b shall test out other colors soon! woots! :D

And I LOVE their make up remover, it strips off your make up effortlessly and and It doesn't leave behind any oily or sticky residue. Suitable for lips (WHAT?) I know that most make up removers leave a funny taste lingering on your lips/mouth and some even dry your lips up quite badly . But I tested out this baby on my lips and......results are..........

1. Lipstick comes off without much rubbing (like i said, effortlessly lol)
2. No stains left behind
3. No funny chemical taste (yes, I lick my lips a bit purposely just to test it out lol) 



  1. An interesting review on the products. The lipstick colour do match nicely on u. This is the 1st thing i knew that women do concern on their lipstick taste & how easily to wash it out. Thanks for the info's ^^

  2. your lips looks so sweet in that colours

  3. chikonz : Glad to know it's helpful! :D ♥

    CikLily Putih : Thanks dear!! :D


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