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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Animangaki 2012

Yay! Thank you all for coming and supporting Animangaki 2012! *Banzai!!* *pops confetti*  >w<
Hoped you enjoyed your weekend! And brace yourselves XD this coming weekend is Asaban at Taylor Lakeside Campus >w<

And I've heard it is also the Finals for Anicom at Sg.Wang >.< Alot of events clashing together eh?
I wish all the finalist good luck and godspeed! :-)
Too bad i won't be able to attend Anicom, but don't worry~ Coffy shall support you guys in spirit lol :-P

Would like to thank Comicfiesta once again for choosing me to hold the role of their official mascot,
Coffy, along side with my brother Tea-kun (swing) >w<
Yes, both of us were the mascot last CF as well XD

*photo credits to s friend of mine, Samuel Cham* Thanks for the photo dear :3
And we are hoping too see you guys again this year at Comicfiesta 2012! 

Okay~ back to Animangaki lol hoped you guys had fun aside from the overrated Gangnam style dances on stage @_@ If i ever see another Gangnam mob dance i might just stab myself with my drawing pens lol


Managed to catch up with alot of old friends, that is one thing i love about cosplay events! :-) I know i rarely make epic costumes like other cosplayers QAQ The cosplayers this generation level up like x100 wei~ even I salute to them, an old fart like me barely have the time to even sleep >.< with all the work piling up and never ends D: Hence cosplay hobby gets neglected *sobs* 
That is life....I jelly all those school kids! T^T

This year Animangaki's theme is Gakuen (school in Japanese) Coffy just threw on a last minute costume >.< wasn't even planning to wear those lol and i wasn't prepared *paiseh* 
Sorry for the horrible getup m(_ _)m

Day one my eyes were MUCH bigger..but on the 2nd day everyone was telling me why so "sepet" lol result of sleeping at 4am >.< so my eyes were puffy D: 

On the way to AMG~ weee~ :D
Day 1 look :3 was using a different and much thicker lower lashes compared to the 2nd day. 

Thank you for all the lovely photos Misao!! Really love them :-) 
Lol~ my Blood+ Saya costume XD *kena piak*

Meet CF's famous Coffy-tiam couple XD 
Don't they just look lovely together? ♥ *runs*
I ended up reusing my ikki tousen costume for day 2 XD

Do support Misao's page

Didn't managed to camwhore with alot of people :-( But there is always next time >w<

And not forgetting to mention the sweet guy who gave me and Shiomaru a Hachune Miku shaped Chocolate! kyaaaaa! So kawaiii till I tak samapi hati want to eat it lol *hearts* I wonder where did they get the mold, cuteness overload! lol~ Shall keep it in the freezer and admire it everyday XD

Thank you so much whoever you are!!    : )

If you had missed buying Comicfiesta tickets from the CF booth during Animangaki, don't worry! We will be selling at Taylor's Asaban this weekend as well :-)
So don't miss it! Limited tickets to be sold, so do hurry 

They are priced RM35 for both days
And on CF day itself we ONLY sell INDIVIDUAL day tickets @ RM20

So it is more worth it to purchase yours earlier :-) Save RM5 and skip the ticketing queue.  

P/S : There will be a designing costume competition for Coffy coming up soon! So do follow Comicfiesta closely for more details! Get your creative juices flowing~ *winks*



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