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Worst Manicure Experience

This is my first time going to a manicurist to get my nails done and I wouldn't even consider going if it weren't for those online deals! :-/
Felt so cheated.

When the deal was posted up on Livingsocial.com..promoted as Classic Manicure / Classic Pedicure + Full Set Of Nail Art. 
Sounds like a good deal to me and the place doesn't look hard to get to (it's at old klang road, opposite Pearl Point Hotel)

Deal bought a few month ago (around March if i'm not mistaken) and recently saw the expiry date for the coupon was in early August (last week)
Called them up to make an appointment, was greeted by an unpleasant typical Chinese voice on the other side of the phone :-/ first impression over the phone already made me regretted for purchasing this deal! Seriously. How do these people run their business with that kind of attitude.
I booked for pedicure because to me doing manicure makes no sense, due to the fact my finger nails are brittle and i wash alot of dishes..etc >_>

This is what greeted me...a shop located in a quiet dodgy industrial area. And the fonts on the sign board is so small that you can't see it from far (even worst for those who wear specs like me) :-/ Had trouble finding it because of the tiny signboard. 

I was totally pissed off that day because i had to rush like a mad person from KL to old klang road just for this stupid appointment, yes and she threaten me by saying i had to be there early, not even 5 minutes late or she will give my slot to someone else. Because she has a full schedule..etc
Padahal when i reach there was expecting a full house..it was just me, my mom and another lady >_> so much for being SUPER BUSY. 

The lady split me and my mom's appointment (my mom had to take 2.30pm and me at 3.30pm) because she say there was no more slots left on Saturday (which so happens to be the last day to use the voucher) so it's either i take it or leave it :-/ I was like WTF? hello lady, I already paid for it..you expect me to just walk off? I would but sadly i'm not a rich kid who likes to waste things :-/ \
To me the place stinks because of her dog (yes, a dog) I know the dog is innocent lol it's just that who brings their pets along to work? :-/ Unless she is sure to confirm she won't be having Muslim customers walking in LOL

Me and my mom were terribly disappointed upon our arrival, that is when the lady only told us there was no water so we can't proceed with our pedicure :-/ She could have the courtesy to call and informed us earlier right? No....she didn't! These type of people clearly shows that they hate their job..says very well on their faces  :-/  So we proceeded with the manicure instead.

They have SUPER LIMITED designs and colors to choose from :-/ Not a place i would recommend going, seriously not worth the time and money ~_~ the whole manicure process only took like half an hour and 5 minutes of drying. I had a hard time deciding the design and color because i can't take too bright and fancy due to work and casting~ Really gave me a headache! I actually optioned for a french manicure (plain and simple) but she told me the voucher is not valid for that..i went WTF because the value for french manicure is lower than the voucher i bought..so why not? It's not like i care about the loss or anything. As usual..the bullshit reasons all start coming out ~_~

Had to say she painted very fast..well maybe because it wasn't anything fancy? = X lol and don't expect her to talk much because she only give you one answer replies -__________- Yes i am bitching to the max because i am not satisfied with their service.

    She ended up cutting my hangnail too deeply, it was raw and pain for the next few days :-/

The finish product was so so only...i would give it a 5/10 for this ~_~
This picture was taken on the way home, I'll consider this as the 1st day.

This is my nail on the 2nd day =_______= How disastrous..my manicure only lasted 2 days before all the edges started chipping like there is no tomorrow! Next time i'm just gonna do gel nails since everyone claims it lasts longer :x  And i'll make sure to do it somewhere else! =_____=

If you are wondering where is this~ here are the details, please avoid it if you can =_______= unless you don't mind the crappy services.
Yes i am still pissed..lol.

Nail Chemistry

41-2, Jalan 1/137B, Resource Industrial Centre, Bt 4 1/2, Old Klang Road
58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



 (a very unsatisfied customer)


  1. Sound terrible, now know don't go


  2. gel nail polish last longer n is more durable too. Sorry to hear about your experience.. it seems really dodgy looking and dog in the work place? O_O i hope there's no muslim customers.

  3. Sherry : yea! My first and last time visiting this place :-/

  4. Tammy : Yea,really want to try that some day :) any place you would recommend? :D Was really shocked when i saw the dog -_- not to mention people who are allergic to animal fur as well!

  5. so not going.. give me free pun i x nak >__>

  6. Sarah : and the original plan was,you were suppose to go with mumsie :P haha!

  7. Such a bad service! Wah I thought im the only one has nails painted one day and next day it chips (mine somemore in starhill expensive salon). Dog in a working place is a no no whether they have muslim customers or not bcos its not hygeninic!

  8. couldn't agree more with you Jess! D:
    WHAT!! woah >.< must have cost you a bomb! Such a waste D: Sorry to hear that dear >.<


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