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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Tim Burton Inspired Face Doodle

LOL corny title i know :3  As you guys should know I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton and his works so I've decided to just mix a little of his work in my random experiments >w<
Hint : Nightmare before Christmas
But it feels like a FAILED attempt to me D: Need to improve more~ But I'm just sharing with you guys >w< Thank you so much for reading!

But wouldn't help putting that after experimenting with my awesome K-palette Tattoo eyeliner! Finally had time to do a full experiment after my previous attempt HERE (this first experiment was to test how long it lasted so watch the video that I've posted as a proof >w<)

Yes my NAKED PIMPLED ugly face :D scary enough? haha! ZERO make up :D If this is scary you a close the page now lolol Not for the faint hearted ;-) 

Presenting our duo Star Guest of today's experiment  Tattoo eyeliner and 2-way brow liner (liquid and powder) from K-Palette
 To complete my Face Doodle, here are the list of items that I've used as well.
  1.  My faithful shading palette
  2. Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheeks #02 (follow my blog closely! will be dong a giveaway for this ♥)
  3. Cyber colors SPF30 PA++ Protection Concealer
  4. PUPA red lipstick
  5. Faithful Nude lipstick (being using this alot!)
  6. Cyber colors gemstone pudding foundation (I'm selling one here)
  7. Cyber colors lipbrush
  8. Cyber colors Zero Pore Primer
Start off with primer and then using foundation, concealer and face powder to conceal all your imperfections. I also used the concealer to conceal my lips and using Cyber colors SPF30 PA++ Protection Concealer it doesn't give your lips the dry chapped look at all!
Starting off with the brow liner, this comes with two heads  one is the powder (as picture above) another head is liquid :-) I used both sides to draw my eyebrows, and the perks of this awesome brow liner is you can use the powder head as eye shadow! So it is now 3-in-1 instead of just 2! XD

Sorry for the odd colored photo, bad lighting in my room >.<  terpaksa use flash for some photos oTL
Lol my mirai costume photo-bomb my picture.

Had to use a brow brush to comb my eyebrows neatly, well if you have neatly shaped eyebrows you can skip this routine and just proceed in coloring them in with your brow liner:-) One thing about K-Palette brow liner is that the colors isn't too harsh, more softer color than usual ones i come across. Suitable for natural looking brows.
Voila. finally have eyebrows lol it is seriously funny to see a person without one and as a cosplayer half the time you have to sacrifice your entire eyebrows (shave the whole thing off) just to draw a highly arched one D: For me the most is shaving half of it off..can't imagine having to draw my eyebrows everyday!! D:
P/S : color seems wiped out by the flash D: Sorry! 

Using the eyebrow liner (powder head) slowly line the outer part of your lower lid and outer part of your double eye lids (you can create double eye lids with the double eye lid tapes, like me :D ) Before applying the red lipstick I've layered my lips with a layer of nude lipstick to keep it moisturized and easy to apply the red lipstick later.
Last is the PUPA red lipstick and lip brush, i applied a little bit in the middle (inner part) of my lips

And now using this awesome sharp  24 hour tattoo eyeliner I have managed to "conteng" my face lol. The tip is so sharp that i manged to draw so easily over my lids and face! But it's kinda hard drawing on your own face because you ca't really see the sides lol If you have someone to help you out it would be great! :-) But overall this eyeliner is rated MULTIPURPOSE to me XD

Just a pointer on this K-Palette eyeliner : 
If you apply too much powder on your face (it would be harder to draw on) if natural not so CAKED make up you can glide it easily across your face :-)

 Didn't use any fake lashes to make my eyes bigger this time lol 
Who needs lashes when you can draw them on using K-Palette Tattoo eyeliner! FTW

Hope you like it! 
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(need to rajin experiment more now lols)

P/s : All items used above can be easily purchased at you nearest SaSa store :-)

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どうもありがとう ! (>w<)v



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