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Meet Fresh Taiwanese Desserts!

I think I've just found a new place to indulge on >w< all thanks to Worthy Book for promoting this place!

That is Meet Fresh!
What do they serve?
A HUGE selection of Awesome Taiwanese Desserts! 
No kidding, their menu is big~ :D Quite a wide range of selections.
Not your usual commercialize Taiwanese desserts, don't get me wrong! I know there are more awesome places with bigger names aside from this but i think Meet Fresh deserves some sharing!  : )

See? I've already used up 2 of the vouchers which was buy 2nd one at 50% off! Sweet deal! ; )

From my taste-bud's point of view, all their dishes goes very well with taro (yam) >w<
Anyway the Chinese writing of their name, the middle one actually means "taro/yam"
Gotta love their 100% handmade taro balls! It isn't too chewy (The usual taro balls you get at other Taiwanese dessert stalls are usually too chewy, that means there is MORE starch rather than yam lol, yes you have been cheated lol)
and the pricing is more affordable compared to other places! No kidding! :D
ranging from RM4.90 on-wards ~

The first time i went there I ordered my favorite red bean soup (Hot) as i wasn't feeling too well and it came steaming hot too! Unlike some places where they serve you lukewarm, which is disgusting D: And i like the fact that they allow customers to exchange the ingredients for something else! And i know places that don't allow that sort of thing >.<  This red bean soup was originally Red Bean + Taro + Pearls. As you all know I'm not a fond fan of these tapioca sugar balls, choked on them multiple times (till I lost count :-/) so i changed it to barley instead. Best part is, it isn't too sweet!!   ♥ 
Oh, by the way this is under the Taro-ball series (means all of them already includes taro balls)

I'm amazed that all their stuff are shipped directly from Taiwan! Talk about 100% authenticity ! O_O

The branch I went to (for both visits) is the one in Pavilion, located on the 6th floor (in the middle)

Their large seating place :D

This is what me and my sayang ordered on our 2nd visit which was last Sunday after the Tokyo street 1st anniversary cosplay showcase :3

Can't remember the name but i think this is code 508 : )
Taro and Tofu-fa (cold) It's only RM5.90 and they were so generous with the amount of tofu-fa and the size of taro was HUGE! >w< and the gula melaka was not too sweet too!

I was craving for something cold for like AGES, thanks to the bloody hot weather =_=;; and not forgetting red bean soup lol! I sound like a pregnant woman, always craving for something XD
So i decided to give the same red bean dish i ordered on my 1st visit a try but this time in "cold" (was curious to see how they serve it lol) And LO! It came like this!! >w<  shaved ice with gula melaka for taste. Really enjoyed their desserts! :-)

You should give this place a try if you haven't!

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  1. Yup... they have the large seating place and the taste is so wonderful... For those never go before, must give this pavilion branch a try... they have the super fans deal now, which you just need to click like on www.facebook.com/MeetfreshPavilion . And show them you are their fans, for those who are no using smart phone, can just print the voucher from the page and redeem it.. it is vr worth


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