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Sushi Tei Review

Another great eatery I wouldn't have come across if i weren't for Worthy Book  ! :-)
Seriously! Their Wagyu salad taste so freaking goooooooooood (and it's one of the best recommended in the menu too :D) ....damn...blogging about food always makes me hungry T^T

The Sushi Tei i went to is located in Pavilion, Lot No. : 1.18.01, Level 1
They have other branches around Klang Valley area as well like
Tropicana City Mall ,The Gardens, Mid Valley, Gurney Plaza, Setia City Mall, Setia Alam
And might add that this place is so crowded that you have to wait to be seated (more like wait for someone to quickly finish and get out haha) actually I've noticed that almost EVERY Japanese restaurants (commercialized ones) in KL always has a long queue. Worst one i encountered so far is Sushi Zanmai in One Utama >_>

 Thank you so much Worthy Book and Sushi Tei!  
With a minimal purchase of RM20 (haha, you makan 4 plates of normal sushi on the belt pun sudah sampai RM20 la XD) you are entitled to redeem a free sashimi   Totally worth it! ;-)

 Sorry, this sashimi ish soooo yummy!  Couldn't stop taking pictures of it haha! I know I'm lame :D but hey! that is what i do best :-P
 The usual sushi belt you can find in most Japanese restaurants, but in Sushi Tei they have more variety of sushi dishes compared to most places i know (I'm referring to the belt lol)! Other places (i wouldn't mention which, but you guys should get the jist of it by now lol) they only serve like 6 different kinds of sushi that goes round and round..same old boring stuff lol and if you want other kinds, you need to manually order it yourself and it takes a loooooooooooooooong time before it reaches your table..and sometimes it doesn't even appear! haha!

 One of their top recommended dish :3 TheWagyu salad 
Portions are HUGE, and the salad comes with a selection of dressing (you can ask to put it separately like what i did, to be honest i don't even eat my salads with dressing lol I'm not much of a salad dressing person >.<) can't remember the name of the dressing..failed memory D: sorry! 
But to be fairly honest, the wagyu sauce itself already drowns the whole bowl of salad, don't think you will be even needing the salad dressing anymore :-P and furthermore the wagyu sauce is tasty! If i were you i wouldn't spoil it by mixing the dressing sauce..in the end it's all about one's preference 

Doesn't looking at this already makes you hungry? :D #foodporn 

P/S : they are Very (i repeat) 
VERY GENEROUS with their Wagyu ;-)

If you guys are wondering what the heck is Wagyu, i would say you guys have failed miserably..All of you can go jump off the cliff now :D
I'm just kidding! LOL
Wagyu means BEEF and BEEF means LEMBU..Mooooo~ 

A syok sendiri photo of mua and awesome salad :3 hehe..

Service here is also fast and efficient ;-) Didn't have to wait long for the food, unlike SOME places ~_~ lol
Free refills of ocha (green tea) hot and cold. But not a place you wanna sit and hang out very long >.< Kesian the people who have to wait for you out there lol unless you go during odd hours la :-P The place confirm empty.

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