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Brands Outlet @ Fahrenheit 88

So how was your shopping spree at Brands Outlet's new store at Fahrenheit 88? Hope you guys managed to get the RM50 cash voucher and enjoyed your shopping last Saturday! Because I did! That is for sure :-P
This place is seriously worth dropping by if you haven't!:-)

To those who missed it here is what you have missed ;-)

The massive queue! Everyone came early to get their RM50 voucher! Who wouldn't? :-P Yea..it was quite a crowd, I got a shock of my life when I arrived around 10.05am (remembered it DARN clearly lol) the official store opening was at 10.00am. This was the 1st photo I took for that day lol thank god for special access♥ Sorry I  potong queue.. tehee~>w< Love my job as a blogger 

If you see this while passing by Fahrenheit 88 don't forget to pop in for a visit! ;-) Great clothes, loads of choices and not to mention colorful too! 

Yes!! With my loot of the day ♥ MAXIMUM LOVE!! >w<

Great thing about their shop is they provide shopping bags (yes, you must return it after that, bukan for you to ambik balik haha!) so you don't need to pile the clothes you want to try on your arm while the other arm does more clothes digging lol. Just look at all the pop color clothes combination!♥ Bright colors are the "In" fashion now i guess :-P 
P/S : See those shorts? they were going at RM29.90 last Saturday (and the promotion is still on going!), such a steal! >w< a real shame not to get them...(well, i didn't lol because i have tad to many shorts at home :-P) 

 Not only clothes, they also have accessories (i adore their tribal hint in their designs), bags and even shoes!
Chunky bracelet sets starts from RM19.90 

They have nice spacious fitting rooms as well ;-)

with 2 other bloggers :-) Left (Wilson) Middle (Shirnie) and me
Credits to Shirnie's bf for helping us take this group picture :-)
All 4 items for only RM120! Finally bought a black body con skirt(been hunting around for a thick and good quality one for ages!) and 3 tops.Wondering why i picked formal clothes eh? Need them badly for work and college presentation lol... life of a college student.. you can never find formal clothes in your closet when you need'em :-/ and on the bonus part the cutting and patterns of the tops are quite versatile! With the proper pairing, you can wear them as casual clothes as well  
Noticed the floral top and the peachy-pink blouse? It's priced at RM69.90 each but they were having buy one free one for selected items(men and women)!
Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaa! ♥ What do you guys think? : )
Loving the body-con skirt because i can easily match it with the tops~ Not to mention my fav top is the vintage floral printed blouse, the cutting seems just nice and the sizing caught me by surprise lol this is the first time I could not fit in a size S so I ended up taking size M. No kidding. I thought I've gained loads of weight till i'm unable to fit it but looks like the cutting wasn't "ngam" for me at the arm area (more suitable for petites and people with skinny arms) 
p/s : please excuse my messy background XD

And the Special promotions are still on going!

RM19.90 - 29.90 ladies fashion tops 
RM29.90 ladies khaki shorts
RM39.90 ladies khaki pants
RM59.90 buy one free one men check bermudas
RM9.00 mens and ladies graphic tees

Better grab'em before they are all gone! ;-)



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